Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Called It

Obama owns this.
 UPDATED 10.1.14:

 ER sent patient away on 26th - 6 days before diagnosis.

Funeral homes receive instructions.

Questions from FB Comrade (a doctor):  Are the ER staff from his first visit quarantined?  Are the others in the ER waiting room during his first visit among the quarantined?  What about the others he came in contact with during his four days among the populace?

Advice from a FB Comrade:  Avoid emergency rooms like the plague.

Should I be joking?  

Yes and no.  First, an out-of-control outbreak in the US would have to overcome our higher standards for hygiene, less population density, our elaborate and redundant communications technologies, and a connected awareness of a (somewhat) educated population.  The disease gets some help from a government bureaucracy that will fail the US citizen whenever challenged, and an administration that would find an outbreak somewhat aligned with their interests.

While it is pretty obvious now, I predict there will be more Ebola cases found in the US.  I'll add the caveat that we will never be told the exact number once the count gets past 10 for two reasons: 
1) they will time newly announced cases within a PR cycle that benefits Obama, and 
2) there will be cases of denial in some levels of the bureaucracy.
The ultimate goal in the coming days: distract from these Obama administration decisions:
1) Open the Southern border,
2) Allow transportation to/from Africa after first reports of Ebola,
3) Bring Ebola cases to the US for treatment.
UPDATED 10.1.14 10pm:

This one is in bad taste...

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