Monday, September 29, 2014

Dissenters Gonna Dissent

Commie Obama hat owner, Ann Coulter, sprays the Libertarian hive with a hose in her latest column.  She is adamant that the Republicans win control of the Senate in November.  She explains this election is more favorable for the Republicans, and control means stopping the ultra-lib-judge confirmations over the next two years.  One of the few things our dear leader can still do.

She is exactly right. 

She is also right that Libertarian voters may have a spoiler opportunity in November.  While the Libertarians I know are clearly on the side of the Constitution and would prefer judges who respect the Constitution as it was written, it is also their nature to exploit any opportunity to make themselves heard.  Even at the expense of the Constitution.  They chose that latter option in 2012, and should be expected to do so again in November.

Ann - Your 'To Do' List to Save America:
The biggest current danger for Republicans is that idiots will vote for Libertarian candidates in do-or-die Senate elections, including Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina and Colorado. (That's in addition to the "Independent" in Kansas who's a Democrat.) Democratic candidates don't have to put up with this crap -- they're even trying to dump the official Democrat in Kansas to give the stealth Democrat a better shot.

When we're all dying from lack of health care across the United States of Mexico, we'll be deeply impressed with your integrity, libertarians.

Which brings me to my final assignment this week: If you are considering voting for the Libertarian candidate in any Senate election, please send me your name and address so I can track you down and drown you.
Ann needs to learn what I've recently come to accept.  Libertarians cannot be defined, and are therefore immune from criticism.  Each has his own political priorities, and as a group they straddle the "R" and "D" spectrum.  As PJ O'Rourke recently said, "If we marched we'd go in all different directions."

Ann should know that Libertarians cannot be shamed (trust me, I've tried), and any attempt will only embolden their ranks.  Ann, dissenters are gonna dissent.  Anarchists are going to choose anarchy.

If we need votes to stop the destruction of the US courts, we either have to motivate a larger-than-normal "R" turnout, or pull from the "D's".  Or both.

Here is a project I've been working on for a while.  While some may think it is meant to inflame, it is actually an objective exercise.  How does the Libertarian Party and the Gay Political movement compare?

The only row that I struggled with was the demonize row.  Libertarians are on record screaming "Both parties SUCK!"  But, outside of a few anonymous comments at blogs and on YouTube, I've never heard one actually get personal.

Did I get these right?  Any suggestions for more rows, or another comparison? 


sth_txs said...

At this point it won't matter if Republicans win the Senate. They had every opportunity over the years to implement their rhetoric. I'm still waiting for the abolition of a federal agency, a tax, or even the repeal of various laws.

Romney came out in favor of global warming and minimum wage. Rick Perry armtwisted Amazon for sales tax revenue.

And you want me to believe these guys? :LOL:

Karl said...

I have no expectations of libertarians.