Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Biden Steps Up...

...because nobody takes Obama serious anymore.  Nobody.

I thought this Google News headline said "redistribution" too.  If only.

The gates of Hell?

Or perhaps this is the gates of Hell....

From 90 Miles:

And another:

And another:

I predict tough times ahead for our dear leader's administration.  Biden doesn't have what it takes to distract from their dithering, and the consequences from their policies, for two more years.

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Robert What? said...

Biden could be OK if he didn't think that his primary mission in life is to be loyal to Dear Leader and the DNC. As Obama becomes more and more disengaged we'll see if Biding-his-time has what it takes. He also has to have the cajones to resist the Neocons who want to get us into a war with Russia.