Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sympathy? Got None.

In case my silence in these recent events is misinterpreted as quiet concern or sympathy, allow me to correct the record.

I think I suffer from sympathy overload with over 3 million unemployed Americans looking for work.  Or the fact that American quality of life is declining in lock-step with the US dollar at roughly 6% a year.  Or that American children are being cheated out of an education.  Or... Or... Or...

If this weren't Obama's America, we wouldn't bring Ebola-infected Americans back from Africa.  They knew the risks, and the same treatment they get here is possible there.  An Ebola-free America takes priority.

If this weren't Obama's America, Islamic terrorists would be defeated and beheadings of misguided liberal Westerners would be rare and desperate events rather than performed weekly by Islamic terrorists loyal to the religion of Islam.

Foley (above) final words:  "I wish I wasn't American."

An American is sentenced to six years in prison for hostile acts because North Korea needs another handout.  Didn't see that coming....

These people would be alive and free today if they had been better at assessing risks and more appreciative of what the West has to offer.

Bad things happen every day.

Bad things happen more often in bad places.

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