Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cartoon of the Day

From a FB comrade.  This one took our breath away.


Same theme, but this one is funny. 

Because it is less likely to happen. 

Unless your child is suffering from a life threatening, but curable illness.

Again, from a FB comrade.

Question of the Day

The Commentator:
Why is North Korea's oppression not a top and ongoing news item all day and every day in the Western media?
More like the "Question of our Lifetime."  At least since 1991, when the Soviet Union fell and left North Korea standing nearly alone in the spotlight.

Oh ya, what spotlight?

They link to this article about a N. Korea Gulag disappearing.  What happened to the prisoners??

This is a good reminder about LiNK, Liberty in North Korea.

Click the DONATE button at the left to help LiNK move North Koreans currently hiding in China to freedom and a new life in South Korea.  They spend as little as $2500 per rescue.  (Ushanka is not a registered LiNK fund-raiser and does not get anything from your donation.  LiNK would probably not want to associate with a site that is known to voice less-than-moderate political opinions from time to time...)

The downfall of N. Korea won't be military (as we'd prefer).  It'll come from volunteers like those at LiNK doing God's work and getting the stories out of the prison country and into circulation, and bringing news - and hope - back into North Korea.

The information couriers will win the day.

One thing we've learned from our studies (see book list at left) is that recent escapees have confirmed that EVERYONE in the capital city of Pyongyang KNOWS that they are living in a prison.  EVERYONE.  They KNOW of developments and freedoms in South Korea and the West.  They are anticipating freedom.

Some of us are old enough to remember hearing of similar stories within the Soviet Union back in the 70's and 80's.  What a ride that was!

Beware the Angry Comrade

Angry Comrade and author, Matt Bracken, posted this Commie Obama Hat pic on FB.

Best comment in the FB thread so far, from Paul:
Hahaha! Scariest damn costume I will see all day! This will be the uniform of the day in the reeducation camp!
You're damn right Paul.  Don't show up to camp without it!

Matt has been running a special at Amazon on his Enemies trilogy.  The third book is free on Kindle for another day or so.  Click here to save $$$ on his book.

Then click here to go buy yourself a Commie Obama hat with that money saved!


This comment from Johann:
Spin around while wearing it and have Communist revolution.
Matt sure has some smart comrades!

Emulating Success

The Republicans have started a video campaign that plays on the old "I'm a Mac" Apple commercials.  They just released this video, titled Bystander President, which copies the iPhone ads.

Is this just a fad to entertain themselves at the RNC in a non-election year?  We'll know if they are a serious Party in 2016 by who they back as the nominee.  Another McCain/Romney, or a solid pro-America conservative?

We had an iPhone ad once.  We removed the headline rating functionality at Ushanka a while ago, so enjoy watching something that no longer exists.

Despite President Barack Obama

From ZeroHedge:

The US quietly surpassed Saudi Arabia as the biggest oil producer in the world.
You read that correctly: "The jump in output from shale plays has led to the second biggest oil boom in history," stated Reuters on October 15. "U.S. output, which includes natural gas liquids and biofuels, has swelled 3.2 million barrels per day (bpd) since 2009, the fastest expansion in production over a four-year period since a surge in Saudi Arabia's output from 1970-1974."

A hearty Ushanka Tip to what remains of the Private Sector.

Happy Halloween Comrades

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hitting Every Limb on the Way Down

Drudge throws the fastball, and we hit it out of the park!

What is it with Liberal Progressive Communist women? 

Anyone can post an unflattering photo of someone, but we challenge anyone to post a flattering photo of any of these women. 

There seems to be something deeper.  
Something that makeup can't help.  
It's in the eyes.

These are the faces of redistribution.  
The faces of ObamaCare Death Panels.  
The faces of "fair." 
The faces of "we know better."
The faces of power.

It is like they've all had some 
subsidized medical procedure, 
by 'choice' of course, 
that disfigures them for 'life,' 
leaving them without a soul.

 Do you see it too?

Or is it just us?

This wasn't always the case. 

Here is a liberal women, photographed before January 22, 1973.

Perhaps Karl's shock here is that he has been surrounded by loving (and pretty!) women his whole life.


Image/Quote of the Day

From our Comrade over at 90 Miles from Tyranny:

Atlas Shrugged is our favorite book ever. 

Not only does it present a fictional version of today's events, it presents authentic leadership in the characters of Dagny and her fellow business leaders.  The greatness of Ayn Rand is that she predicted the scourge of Obama and his fellow bureaucrats over 50 years ago!

Can you name a leader in the Fortune 500 who shares Dagny's courage?   Maybe Jeff Bezos

The Captain's Ushanka

is the topic of this latest video at YouTube:

Go buy your Commie Obama hat at!

Tough Love via YouTube

Sometimes insomnia pays off.

We awoke three hours after hitting the sack last night.  Another case of ice-cream-induced insomnia.  Our routine in these situations is to scan our YouTube subscriptions for the rare quality video.

Instead, three videos uploaded yesterday jumped out at us.  If you are a frequent Ushanka reader, you'll agree that all three of these videos are related.  If you are a Liberal Progressive Communist, you'll realize this site with the hammer and sickle in the header is not another government site offering you free stuff and you'll 'Move On'.

CORRECTION: Only two of the three videos are still available.  The third was a warning from a YouTuber of the economic and social decline of America, and the possible spiral into civil unrest when the money-printing and spending chickens come home to roost.  A shame - it was an excellent presentation.  We've emailed YouTuber hoping he will re-post.

In the order we watched them:

Mr. E.T. Williams, the Doctor of Common Sense, speaks to the thugs and their thug culture, and ties the phenomenon to missing fathers.

Mr Aaron Clarey, the Captain of Capitalism, speaks to the mothers of fatherless children.

Subscribe to their YouTube accounts!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Quote of the Day

Stormbringer:  A hardened veteran, since retired, needs some business casual clothes. 

He ventures out to the local mall.  Disgust ensues.  Read it all here.
The men's clothing I saw available out there in the shopping malls made me want to puke. I honestly believe that this is an indicator of the successful emasculation of this society by the feminist-driven Liberal machine.
Yep. It is all by design.

30 Years Ago

It doesn't seem that long ago when the US Marines suffered their worst since Iwo Jima. 

On October 23, 1983, 241 service men (240 Marines) were killed while they slept in Beirut. 

This picture from Imgur reminded us of the Beirut attack.

Karl was finishing high school at the time, and not paying too close attention to world events.  In addition to the bombing, our other memory is of the 16-inch guns on our battleship there that sent message after message from President Reagan.  We lost a lot of good men there, and have since lost those battleships.  In fact, looking at the photo above tells us we've lost far more since then.

The truck-bomb attack, with an estimated 21,000lbs equivilent of TNT, was long ago tied to Iran.  Iran was sued in civil court.  Of course they didn't show, and they lost in default.  Iran owes the survivors and victim families over $813 million.


Sunday, October 27, 2013


SNL's Healthcare PSA via The Blaze:

Kathleen Sebelius was never that pretty. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Lose Friends and Piss Off People


And five years ago:

Everyone has regrets. It is part of life.  But only a few were caught on camera back in 2008 praising Obama.  They must live with the knowledge that they can never hide.  YouTube isn't going away. 

They made fools of themselves in front of the world.  How are these useful idiots treated now when the travel through Europe?  Do they now bad-mouth Obama to win the love of the Europeans?

It is the stereotype for American conservatives to be the 'ugly American' over there.  But it was America's Liberals Progressives Communists who put the Spy-In-Chief into office.  It is they who enabled the massive spying that is now angering world leaders, including key allies. 

Liberals, the new Ugly American.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Post of the Day

At The People's Cube:  Dizzying Success of ObamaCare Inspires Private Sector

The Day One dizzying success of Obamacare has inspired several industries in the private sector to similar heights of achievement. “The private sector is always languishing behind the government,” said Jay Carney in a White House press release earlier today, “especially in terms of technology and efficiency. It is hoped that by our showing the world that success is achievable, others would be inspired to do as well."

Indeed, with the government to lead the way, private sector businesses, and even other governments, are beginning to think they could succeed, too. Consider some of the Obamacare inspired success stories of today:

Last week, Ford rolled out its Pinto II.

Cheney-Cruz 2016

Our dream pick. 

A FB Comrade posted this photo of our last Vice President.  He's standing with Dana Pierno, a solid conservative.  No, that is not Chris Christie on the left.  It's some other lib.

It is great to see him up and looking so healthy after all the health issues he's faced.  He seems to be getting younger, and we have high hopes he'll be back to his fighting weight in 2016.

Possible campaign slogans:

Take your ObamaCare with you, or I'll shove it up your f**king *ss.

I'll start 7 wars like Obama, and deliver seven victories.

We tried it your way, now it is my turn.

Elect me and I'll take the entire Democrat Party hunting.

The only lines in my America will be to see my scar.

I'll let the other country's diplomats die for their country.

My only vacation will be in Wyoming in August.

No bailouts.  No debt-limit increases.  No new money printing.

Consumption tax - everyone pays.

I won't negotiate with the Democrat commies, or with Boehner.

I'll replace incompetence like I replaced my heart.

Domestic Enemies

Today's videos from Ushanka comrades.  

This one from author Matt Bracken:

This one from Wild Bill:

Both are proud owners of our Commie Obama hat.  Do you have one?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Is Fixed!

The Onion nails it:

"I have heard the complaints about the existing website, and I can assure you that with this revised system, finding the right health care option for you and your family is as easy as loading 35 floppy disks sequentially into your disk drive and following the onscreen prompts,” President Obama told reporters this morning...

Just a few more ObamaCare images we've pulled from our favorite blogs or from FB:

And here is an oldie from 2007:

UPDATED 10.22 Noon:

Three videos to add here.  First two from IOTW.  The last is our pick for an apt analogy.

Remember, Jon is a flaming lib.

"BidenCare"  Brilliant!

Free Healthcare for us - that we pay for.  A lifetime supply of chocolate - for a computer.  What difference does it make?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Support Karl Marx

Help Obama continue the Communist agenda by signing this petition!

U/T:  Mark Dice

Distorted Memories and Communist Inspirations

How can one be nostalgic for a time and place where all were either driven into abject poverty, lived in fear, worked to death, or executed?

The romantic pining of the left for communism (socialism, Obamanism, Statism, or whatever you call it) is a phenomenon here in the US that is quickly destroying this country as it was founded.  Our impulse is to point to Russia and ask: "Do you really want to do as they did?"

But, despite the horrors of communist rule being only 23 years ago, the Russians are not all in agreement that it was a bad thing.  Like the American left, there are many Russians that want to return to those days.  To that system.

English Russia has posted an album of current Russian illustrations.  These two jumped out at us.

“I am a little girl and I don’t go to school, I have never seen the USSR but I love it”

It took a solid and concerned conservative to get in our face and force us into critical thinking that led us to our conservative values today.  The same is necessary for all the communist-inspired both here and in Russia to stop this from happening again. 

Are you doing your part?

Liberals and Conservatives: The Difference

Reuters, via Drudge:

An Afghan army special forces commander has defected to an insurgent group allied with the Taliban in a Humvee truck packed with his team's guns and high-tech equipment...

A liberal will tell you this is the reason we have to get out of Afghanistan.

A conservative will tell you this happened because we announced, repeatedly, that we were leaving.

Cause and Effect is one of liberals' worst enemies, behind envy, resentment and a lust for control.

Coming Soon - Dragon Day

As a FB Comrade calls it: "A Red Dawn for the Intellectual."

But, of course, China will never insist we pay back our debt.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quote of the Day

From author Matt Bracken, who also passes on this link:
The enemy has not changed from the days of our grandfathers. Communism. We too often fail to cut through the PC misdirection offered by our enemies within, so let us remind everyone right now: Liberalism is Communism in a cloak.
Matt's Amazon Page.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday Afternoon Cigar

As we smoked a Rocky Patel Edge yesterday, we pondered this Northward view of the Ohio river from the Kentucky side.

148 years ago, if we were black, we would be looking at freedom less than a mile away.  That river was the Mason-Dixon line and blacks were free if they could make it to the other side.

Today the river is still a boundary of freedom.  Not anything like it once was, but consider these freedoms that suffer when you cross this river into Ohio:

Business Friendliness.  Kentucky is rated #27 to Ohio's #39 in business friendliness by The Tax Foundation.  If you want to start a business, Kentucky is more a friend to you than Ohio.

Guns.  While we would call Ohio "gun friendly," it doesn't compare to Kentucky.  Two laws come to mind that just show there are still enough liberals in Ohio that want to keep citizens from being completely free:  1) Ohio concealed carry permit holders must declare to police officers that they have a permit and are, or are not, carrying a weapon.  See why no other state requires this - our Canton PD post. Officer Daniel Harless was suspended for a while, but is now back on patrol in Canton.  2) Ohio restricts magazine capacity to 30.  Another silly law that has not saved a single life but has restricted the commercial activities of every law-abiding Ohioan.

Taxes.  While Kentucky and Ohio are nearly in sync in income and sales taxes, Ohio allows towns to charge their own income tax.  Ohio caps local taxes to 2% - that is in addition to federal and state taxes.  We shared this with Captain Capitalism over cigars earlier this month, which prompted him to make this video.

Speed Limits.  Kentucky lets you drive up to 70mph on their freeways.  Ohio, until last year had the upper limit of 65.  They have now allowed some stretches to be driven at 70, but they are few.  In addition to local taxes, another surprise if you move to Ohio will be the speed traps.  Speed limits have less to do with safety and more to do with revenue generation.  For example, it is 55 on the 3-4 lane freeways through Cincinnati.

White Guilt.  You'd be surprised to learn that white guilt is prevalent in Ohio whereas hard to find in Kentucky.  Of course this is subjective, but we dare anyone to offer an argument.  And this has less to do with freedom than it does with fostering an honest, open and competitive environment.  We've been active in the entrepreneurial and investor networks within the S. Ohio and N. Kentucky cities.  It was in Ohio we were told, by a bunch of white investors by the way, that our business idea was sound, but that "we prefer to invest in diversity."  Cincinnati is a VERY segregated city, and it is also in Cincinnati where America's latest race riot occurred - in 2001.  Since the riot, the city built the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  It is an ugly building that sits between Cincinnati's sports arenas.  Here is a picture from their website, taken at night.  To see the building in the day, just look for the school buses.  It is a very public joke that the Center's only visitors are the public school kids that are bused in for their 'see how horrible white people can be' field trips.

Public Education.  Only our critics would argue education can't be tied to freedom.  Wrong.  A quality education is the foundation of freedom.  We are less free today, regardless of what state we live it and regardless of which party is in the white house, because we've had successive generations pushed through a government-run [liberal] education system that prioritizes the unions and employees over the students.  Karl had one child in an Ohio high school and feels the education there was at, or above, average.  But again, Ohio looks poor in comparison to Kentucky when you consider a Cincinnati school was recently caught modifying their student's ACT tests before submitting the tests for grading.  The embarrassment was covered up, and more cheating is suspected across the state.  Further, the city's main newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, didn't print a word about it.  Note to 'educators' that feel they need to cheat: Don't show an entire class of pupils to be at, or above, the national reading levels.  If the test results for a large inner-city high school resemble only the right side of a bell curve, there may be some cheating.

Watch out for those Rocky Patel cigars!  They can inspire all kinds of thoughts.

And to put this in perspective - Ohio is a great state if you move from California (#48) as Karl and his family did back in 2008.

10.23: Thanks for the link, Captain!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dissent MotherF**ker Updated and Bumped

[orig post 10.13.13 8pm]

Of course, our title is directed to our dear leader, the inspiration for both the Commie Obama hat and today's dissent in our nation's capitol.

Our nation's vets convened a Congress of the People today in DC.

They disassembled the "Barrycades" blocking access to our open-air memorials like the WWII memorial.

They took the "Barrycades" to our dear leader's residence and dumped them like scrap metal.

The federal officers and local police, many likely veterans too, arrived in riot gear.  Luckily for all, they didn't deploy their tear gas or flex-cuffs.

We pulled the photos above from our FB feed.  Go to these super-cool blogs to see more photos and videos from today:

Doug Ross - Post One and Post Two

Knuckledraggin - Post One and Post Two

UPDATED 10.14 10am:

Hat owner and comrade Disloyal Subject posted this image at All The Right Snark:

UPDATED 10.14 10:30:

Hot off the presses from hat owner Diann!

UPDATED 10.14 noon:

The blogs are overflowing with more pictures from yesterday's civil disobedience.

Those vets sure showed the Occupy thugs a few things:  You don't have to camp out, you don't have to pick lice off of each other's scalps, you don't have to rape each other, and you don't have to go a day without a shower.

We're trying to avoid posting every photo here as there are many powerful pictures from yesterday.  Go to the blogs listed at the left to see more.  This video is exceptional as it has many still photos and shows some WWII vets going through the Barry-cades.

UPDATED and BUMPED 10.16.13 9:30pm:

I've wanted to add more about this display of patriotism but didn't want to come off too crazy or incoherent.  Basically, I wanted to review the regime's few horrible options when faced with a peaceful vet protest that turned criminal with the dismantling of the BarryCades.

How do you come down on the vets when you have multiple wars going on around the globe?  And why would you come down on the vets for simple and harmless vandalism when you enabled the Occupiers to trespass and rape for weeks? 

Comrade Knuckledragg'in has linked to two posts that share similar thoughts but do so in a far better presentation.  The third link is from one of the two posts.  Go read these and let us (and the NSA) know what you think.

III Percent Patriots: Polygonal Battlespace

They were shoulder-to-shoulder with several hundred others who have grown agitated with the oppression coming from Washington.  Yes, 'agitation' is the proper word.  Had this group of Vets and Patriots been 'Pissed off', there would have been a much different discussion yesterday.  You must understand this group of Vets and Patriots know how to shoot, move and communicate.  Many of them understand incoming hostile fire, and close-quarters interpersonal disagreement resolution.  They do not rattle when a thug in a riot helmet makes a mean face or uses his big-boy voice.

III Percent Patriots: American Patriotism: Proof of Life

We have entered another phase of resistance.

Until yesterday we had only used our words.  Yesterday, we added a single defiant action, to prove our sincerity.  Proof of Life of American Patriotism was provided, and left at the front and rear doors of the White House.

Outpost of Freedom: Resistance has Begun

Though not quite on the level of rifles, or pitchforks, the idea that barricades could be returned to the White House, in protest of the childish actions of the Executive Branch of government, begins to show an advanced form of resistance to the misdeeds and shenanigans of government.

Image of the Day

Shared at FB by author Matt Bracken, who's offering the first of his Enemies trilogy books for free this week!

And while we're asking you to buy something you never thought you'd buy (free healthcare), buy a Commie Obama hat now rather than stand in line for it later!  Why?  Because it is fair, comrades!