Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apply Slap Now

Bitch slap.  And don't hold back.

Some Liberal Progressive Communist at DailyKos by the fake name of Tirge Caps is upset his and his wife's health insurance premiums are going up.

If I were stupid enough to vote for Obama, then act all shocked that Universal Free Health Care costs more than private health care, I'd hide my identity too.  The evidence is in Canada, the UK and the former Soviet Union for anyone willing to search.

There is no slap that will work for these people, although we are willing to try...  Tirge Caps will vote for the Democrat in 2016 because, in the end, the Democrat candidate will support encourage abortion.  His complaint is just hot air, not worth the virtual ink in this post.  They can't, and will never, get enough blood.  And now it isn't just fetus blood.  Tirge's or his wife's blood may be shed next in the glorious march for fairness control.

And despite Tirge's fake rage, he WILL pay the penalty as all of us who choose to continue to pay our taxes will next year.  We'll keep an eye out for another Tirge post next year when he finds out he and his wife can NOT keep their doctors.

Is it any wonder every warning from the right about our dear leader has, or is, coming true? 

U/T: FB Comrade and hat owner Kenn

5 mins later.....   We just found a post from Comrade Diann on the same subject.  A must read!

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