Friday, October 11, 2013

The Mob and their Diamond Tactic

Liberals Progressives Communists need one thing to advance their agenda - a majority.

They never have one.

So they either take power, or act as if they have that majority (see Occupy).

Remember when Lenin took power?  He allowed the Russian Constituent Assembly to proceed with a planned vote.  The first democratic vote after the fall of the Tsar. (It was Russia's last democratic vote until 1992.)  Lenin's party, the Bolsheviks, got only 23% of the vote - a shock and embarrassment to Lenin and his fellow hard-line communists.

Lenin had promised a shared government after the Bolshevik Revolution a month earlier.  After the vote, he banned the other political parties, and millions died thereafter.

The fake majority tried their tactics against Reagan long before he ran for office.  He was a vocal leader in the anti-communist movement in Hollywood and in Republican politics, and millions were freed thereafter.

The Diamond tactic was used against Reagan at his speeches.  This required a minimum of 4 Liberals Progressives Communists to attend his speeches.  The four would position themselves in a diamond: one up front at the podium, one on each side of the venue, and one in the back rear.  One would lead the others in heckling.  Their positioning conveyed a random and spontaneous disagreement among those in the audience.  It would appear that normal attendees were outraged at the speaker's comments.  It is impossible to defeat the Diamond, but it is possible to identify it and reduce its impact to just noise.

The Diamond tactic can intimidate the most competent of speakers, and can depress an otherwise passionate crowd.  Reagan saw the gimmick for what it was and learned to confront it.  So much so that as Governor of California he would venture into enemy territory - the campus of UC Berkeley - to give a speech.  And he would fire with both barrels.  He led one of his Berkeley speeches with this joke:
As I was driving in today I saw a guy with a sign that said 'make love, not war.' 
From the looks of him, he could do neither.
Which brings us to Ted Cruz.  He appears to be the closest we have to a Reagan, and the Liberals Progressives Communists know it.  He too has now faced the Diamond tactic.  He did good.  Here is a short video of him handling the commie heckling:

Remember Ushanka Comrades: we out number them.

NiceDeb has posted videos of the full speech.

U/T: Weasel Zippers

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