Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cheney-Cruz 2016

Our dream pick. 

A FB Comrade posted this photo of our last Vice President.  He's standing with Dana Pierno, a solid conservative.  No, that is not Chris Christie on the left.  It's some other lib.

It is great to see him up and looking so healthy after all the health issues he's faced.  He seems to be getting younger, and we have high hopes he'll be back to his fighting weight in 2016.

Possible campaign slogans:

Take your ObamaCare with you, or I'll shove it up your f**king *ss.

I'll start 7 wars like Obama, and deliver seven victories.

We tried it your way, now it is my turn.

Elect me and I'll take the entire Democrat Party hunting.

The only lines in my America will be to see my scar.

I'll let the other country's diplomats die for their country.

My only vacation will be in Wyoming in August.

No bailouts.  No debt-limit increases.  No new money printing.

Consumption tax - everyone pays.

I won't negotiate with the Democrat commies, or with Boehner.

I'll replace incompetence like I replaced my heart.

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