Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dissent MotherF**ker Updated and Bumped

[orig post 10.13.13 8pm]

Of course, our title is directed to our dear leader, the inspiration for both the Commie Obama hat and today's dissent in our nation's capitol.

Our nation's vets convened a Congress of the People today in DC.

They disassembled the "Barrycades" blocking access to our open-air memorials like the WWII memorial.

They took the "Barrycades" to our dear leader's residence and dumped them like scrap metal.

The federal officers and local police, many likely veterans too, arrived in riot gear.  Luckily for all, they didn't deploy their tear gas or flex-cuffs.

We pulled the photos above from our FB feed.  Go to these super-cool blogs to see more photos and videos from today:

Doug Ross - Post One and Post Two

Knuckledraggin - Post One and Post Two

UPDATED 10.14 10am:

Hat owner and comrade Disloyal Subject posted this image at All The Right Snark:

UPDATED 10.14 10:30:

Hot off the presses from hat owner Diann!

UPDATED 10.14 noon:

The blogs are overflowing with more pictures from yesterday's civil disobedience.

Those vets sure showed the Occupy thugs a few things:  You don't have to camp out, you don't have to pick lice off of each other's scalps, you don't have to rape each other, and you don't have to go a day without a shower.

We're trying to avoid posting every photo here as there are many powerful pictures from yesterday.  Go to the blogs listed at the left to see more.  This video is exceptional as it has many still photos and shows some WWII vets going through the Barry-cades.

UPDATED and BUMPED 10.16.13 9:30pm:

I've wanted to add more about this display of patriotism but didn't want to come off too crazy or incoherent.  Basically, I wanted to review the regime's few horrible options when faced with a peaceful vet protest that turned criminal with the dismantling of the BarryCades.

How do you come down on the vets when you have multiple wars going on around the globe?  And why would you come down on the vets for simple and harmless vandalism when you enabled the Occupiers to trespass and rape for weeks? 

Comrade Knuckledragg'in has linked to two posts that share similar thoughts but do so in a far better presentation.  The third link is from one of the two posts.  Go read these and let us (and the NSA) know what you think.

III Percent Patriots: Polygonal Battlespace

They were shoulder-to-shoulder with several hundred others who have grown agitated with the oppression coming from Washington.  Yes, 'agitation' is the proper word.  Had this group of Vets and Patriots been 'Pissed off', there would have been a much different discussion yesterday.  You must understand this group of Vets and Patriots know how to shoot, move and communicate.  Many of them understand incoming hostile fire, and close-quarters interpersonal disagreement resolution.  They do not rattle when a thug in a riot helmet makes a mean face or uses his big-boy voice.

III Percent Patriots: American Patriotism: Proof of Life

We have entered another phase of resistance.

Until yesterday we had only used our words.  Yesterday, we added a single defiant action, to prove our sincerity.  Proof of Life of American Patriotism was provided, and left at the front and rear doors of the White House.

Outpost of Freedom: Resistance has Begun

Though not quite on the level of rifles, or pitchforks, the idea that barricades could be returned to the White House, in protest of the childish actions of the Executive Branch of government, begins to show an advanced form of resistance to the misdeeds and shenanigans of government.


americaEternalSuperpower said...

Liberalism has won. Its another beautiful day for America.
By popular demand obamacare is here!

All there obese and senile protestors make me laugh

All there obese and senile protesters make me laugh!!

Karl said...

This is what democracy looks like, comrade. Enjoy the "free" healthcare. We'll see you in line!