Saturday, May 25, 2013

Article: Our IRS Experience

Our latest article is published at World Net Daily:

Our story about two IRS audits during the summer of 2010 - the same period the Cincinnati IRS office was harassing conservative groups seeking tax deferment status.  They were harassed, as were the Romney donors who faced politicized audits in 2012.

While we think our audits were triggered by legitimate reasons, the current news about a run-amok IRS suggests the penalties we faced were political.

We suspect the IRS staffer who chose to pursue penalties did not like the soviet-style Commie Obama ushanka hats that we've been selling since 2008.

This past Tuesday we had the honor to join the Tea Party organization in Cincinnati on their march to the Federal Building to protest the IRS.  Here is our video from that march:

U/T: Hat Owner and author Diann Russell for help with our article.

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