Monday, May 06, 2013

North Korea May Day Observations

Notice the search lights within the panorama behind the news broadcasters.  A nice touch.

It took the regime six days to release their May Day video.  About one day less than it takes to fuel a North Korean missile.

The first tug-of-war is between the red team and the red team.

At 3:46 you will see the overweight North Korean in the green moo-moo.

Then more propaganda.  More tug-of-war.  Some volleyball.  Then some run-for-the-border races.  More uneaten flowers left at dull monuments.  More 'celebration' games.  More exercises in formation.  And last, a big concert.

Missing:   1) The chubby dictator doesn't make an appearance.  Remember, May Day is a celebration of the worker, by the worker.  2) Smiles.  3) Alec Baldwin.  4) The May Day celebrations at the Gulags where 150-300 thousand North Koreans eat bugs and rats to survive.

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