Monday, May 13, 2013

Quote of the Day I

Brit, Lord Monckton, says the end of the world is near in his WND article, The Dollar - and the USA - Is Toast

There are many dooms-day'ers writing these days, but Monckton's warning touches on the reason for the coming decline/collapse.  Can you find the reason in the selected quotes below?

International totalitarianism no longer needs direction. Its cruel, hate-filled, destructive mission now advances on autopilot.


Your GOP representatives should be, but are not, asking the administration to reveal to them the ever-tougher terms on which the Chinese continue – with ever-greater reluctance –to lend money to keep their communist ally in the White House afloat.


At worst, what is now happening to your nation may be deliberate. In that event, your current “president” will go down as history’s greatest villain. In any event, he will go down as history’s greatest incompetent.

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