Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest Post: Movie Review - Hating Breitbart

The only showing of this movie in Ohio is five hours away.

So we sent Ushanka's man-on-the-town, Dimitry, instead.  All expenses paid... by him.

His review:

I would give it 5 Hammer & Sickles. was a movie of inspiration - both of the man and might of Andrew Breitbart and of the new media usurpation of the stonewalling and bad reporting we've come to expect from major commercial media outlets.

With one event Andrew Breitbart utilized social media via James O'Keefe's expose videos to sufficiently expose the moral filth and corruption of publicly funded 'community group', Acorn, that the Senate took measures to defund the group before any written article had been generated by the New York Times or the Washington Post!

This was Breitbart's notice to media that his indignation would not relent despite the full out attempts to lie to diminish and suppress the truth from being provided to the public.

Time and time again we see a cast of characters from media goons, propaganda manipulators, and political apologists doing their best to look the other way and ignore reality and the harm and pain of what was actually going on.

Breitbart stood out and engaged a discourse about truth in a highly hostile arena of powerful media and willing tools and puppets.
When confronting one such situation, he went to the extent of offering an increasing reward lasting over a week until reaching $100,000 to any single person who provided video proof.
The unclaimed reward was but for only *one example* of the purported trumped up lie that a black Congressman was assailed with the racial provocative slur of N-ote by 15 people 15 times by Tea Party members peacefully assembled protesting a bill.
Only later did Breitbart collect and publish a full video collage of cell phone caps and handy cam footage showing with audio the entire public march chosen path directly though the protest without any such event occurring. The ruse was a bust and exposed. If not for Breitbart it wouldn’t have ended so conclusively.
Andrew Breitbart died in 2012 with a legacy of much love from his wife, children, and other family and friends ...his spirit lives in the desires of every citizen journalist to report and expose truth when no one else does or is too timid to risk revealing the difficult story in front of their eyes and cell phone.

Movie website.

UPDATED 5.21 7am.  Dimitry sent edits.

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