Thursday, May 23, 2013

Predicted in 2007

Author Bruce Bower predicted in 2007 that Europe was over as a developed, Western civilization.

Bower is gay, and frequently vacationed in Europe.  He saw the changes with each trip which motivated his 2007 book, While Europe Slept.  It is a short book and an easy read, and explains everything we are seeing today, from butchered UK soldiers to burning cars in France and Sweden.

MoonBattery posted this video today.  Watch for the [REFRESHING] politically incorrect language from the female editor near the end.  This too was predicted by Bower.

He suggested that European countries would, at some point, stop the uber-tolerance BS of opening the doors to masses of people who have zero intention of assimilating into the European/Western culture.

He predicted that, at some point, Europe will swing to the absolute opposite position with tight immigration laws and even mass deportations.  That seemed a possibility back in 2007 when we read his book.  Further, we shared our book with a gay friend who was also a frequent traveler in Europe and he agreed that Europeans can be quick to take 180-degree positions as radical as Bower suggests.

 British soldier Lee Rigby

We're wondering now if they've passed the turning point.  When a UK soldier can be butchered in the middle of a British street in broad daylight, what is left of that once great nation?  It took 20 minutes for the police to respond to that crime.  But last night UK police were in force to counter any anti-Muslim sentiment that may arise.  Would you agree that their standards have shifted since the Thatcher days?

Completely unrelated....

We didn't always live bug-free.

We once rented an apartment in Garden Grove, CA (called by the locals: Garbage Grove).  We shared it with a guy in a wheel chair who'd go around and tell people he was a Vietnam Vet, when in fact he got high one day and surfed next to into a pier.

We remember vividly the swarms of cockroaches that would come from, and retreat into, the kitchen counter under the sink.  Our veteran loser roommate didn't care, but we did.  We didn't hem and haw, wring our hands or attempt to negotiate with the intruders.  Nor did we pick and choose which cockroaches could stay and give the rest a California-mandated 60-days notice.

Instead, we deployed weapons of mass destruction and took back our apartment.  We probably took a couple years off of our life and risked our future offspring to unsightly birth defects, but we never once felt regret.

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Want to read more on this topic?  John Hinderaker at Powerline posted yesterday: The Inevitable Decline of Great Britain (Cont). 

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Doug Ross has more.


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