Friday, May 03, 2013

MSM meet Hammer and Sickle

Oh, you two already know eachother?

The Blaze - A CBS reporter refuses to acknowledge the communists at the May Day event.  The Communists.  At the May Day event.


U/T: FB Comrade Donald


Maybe her journalism professor was the guy carrying the flag?

UPDATED 5.5 8:30am:

 Communism is so "ancient history."  According to a US Senator who attended a May Day event.

Commie Obama hat owner Glenn Beck discusses:

A hearty Ushanka Tip to Doktor for a great comment!


Comrade Doktor said...

"That's right, no Communists here at the May Day Celebration! Most are all hunkered down at the White House commiserating with their Comrades on this Glorious Day of uprising of the Proletariat!"

"Back to you, Svetlana!!" said...

CBS was not 'covering up' -- CBS was advocating.

CBS might as well waved that flag.

Stranded in Sonoma said...

I've seen her somewhere before...

Anonymous said...

She has the hammer and cicle tattooed on her left boob.