Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day Contest! CLOSED

Our Obama Cuss Jar overflow'eth from the recent f****** gun-confiscation debate, so be sure to round up when you guess!

We are using a form this time to make it easier to identify and contact the winners.  Guesses in the comments sections will be ignored!



The last contest had $916 $1 bills (we've converted the cash from previous contests into silver and gold coins):

 Here are links too all of our previous Cuss Jar contests:

July 2009, $124, Winner: B... from SondraKistan,
December 2010, $978,  Winner: Doc from IOTW
May Day 2011, $1340, Winner: Simply Amazed from IOTW
February 2012, $2090, Winner Anon from RobertaX
October 2012, $2924, Winner Shake-N-Bake 

Good Luck Comrades, and Happy May Day!

THANKS FOR LINKING:  Lowering The Boom, Captain Capitalism, The People's Cube, Maser Media, In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT, Stares at the World.

UPDATED 5.2 7am:

By error we had the View Results option on.  It has been turned off.  Thank you Comrade Eric for spotting this.  We are past the brink of technical difficulties and the contest struggle continues.  Progress Comrades!

UPDATED 5.2 2:30pm:

 FB Comrade David shared this appropriate cartoon today:

UPDATED 5.3 9am:

Click here for a good May Day rant from Fox News' Greg Gutfeld!

UPDATED 5.5 Noon:

Contest answer:  853

We've notified the winner, who guessed 863.

The blog with the most referrals was Captain Capitalism with nearly 50% of the referrals.  

Many thanks to our comrade bloggers at: Lowering The Boom, The People's Cube, Maser Media, In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT, Stares at the World.

Here are the closer of the guesses:

Why keep depreciating US Dollars when you can convert them into depreciating precious metals?

The jar has 9 ounces of silver and 2 ounces of gold.  At market close on Friday, that equates to $3159. 

We still hope to spend this on some artwork from Cooper in January 2017, although the better half is plotting some redistribution....

Check back for our next contest - probably around the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.


Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Where is said form, Karl?

Karl said...

Form disappeared, but it is back up.

Thanks for alerting us, Comrade!

The Doktor said...

AND…… The hat is light enough for Summer wear!!

Our oldest son tells me that the Leninade uses REAL sugar – just like the soft drinks of old!

Reiuxcat said...

It must be true Comrade Doktor, I went into a diabetic coma when I first touched the bottle.

Anonymous said...

more you tube videos from Aurini !