Thursday, May 02, 2013

Rough Days In Lib Land

Here are a couple of feel-good stories about capitalism.  And right after May Day too!

Free Patriot:  Apparently DICKS Sporting Goods has had some weak sales since they made a very public display of anti-gun-ness after the Conneticut shooting.  Other sporting goods stores are reporting growth, so DICKS' excuses of low ammo supplies as a reason is laughable. 

Atlantic Wire:  Then, you may not know this, but the leading media companies have been bleeding revenues ever since the educated among us have turned to the new media.  The Los Angeles Time, for example, is desperate to sell to a sucker new owner and the sucker new owner likely to buy is none other than those evil Koch brothers.  HA! 

They say the Los Angeles Times will be like FOX news now - Fair and Balanced.  This has the Liberals Progressives Communists very unhappy.  Don't they know "Fair and Balanced" means 50% lib drivel with 50% conservative thought?  That is not good enough for us, and we hope the Koch brothers take it a bit further.

Capitalism appears to be the cockroach in Obama's nuclear wasteland.

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