Wednesday, May 08, 2013


[orig post 4.27 5pm]

Thank God for them, and for strong leaders.

And Mr. B suggested we read this.  We were glad we did.

UPDATED 5.3 9am:

A FB Comrade shared this other photo.  The woman's name is Melissa Stockwell, and President Bush invited her to say the pledge of allegiance at his library opening.

There are two VERY classy people in this photo.  Can you pick them out?

UPDATED and BUMPED 5.8 10am:

Doug Giles just posted this interview with Army Ranger SFC Joe Kapacziewski.

Nine tours!  First amputee in Ranger history to return to combat.

Damn - we're not worthy.


MarkT said...

Just look at the body language in this pic. Bush, smiling, has his arm around the patriotic young woman giving her a fatherly kiss on the cheek. The patriotic young woman is smiling as if to say "This is patriotism and it IS good." obama is all slouched over looking like he just wants to leave and/or throw up - what a sorry excuse for a person much less president of these United States of America.

Karl said...

Thanks for stopping by MarkT.

I apologize for upsetting you with that 2nd photo.

I should remember that every time I post a photo of W., or any other accomplished person with a love of country, it exposes Obama for the disappointment that he is.