Monday, October 31, 2016

Brazile Out at CNN

The Trump Phenomenon continues, with CNN adopting higher standards for itself.  CNN has fired Donna Brazile after finding out, again, that she used her position at CNN to forward debate questions to Hillary.  The first time was ok, but CNN draws the line at forwarding information being caught employing a spy twice.

Hillary Ad of the Day

From a bunch over at Western Rifle:

Happy Halloween

U/T: FB Comrade Vince.

U/T: Andrea Shea-King

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Liberals Being Liberals

The Bolsheviks populated their secret police, the Cheka, with criminals.  Criminals didn't hesitate to confiscate grain which led to over 3 million deaths in the winter of 1921-22.  And those criminals were all too happy to act on Lenin's quotas for internal enemies: to the labor camps, or execution.

Hillary plans to put criminals in charge of her policies too.  She can relate to criminals, being one herself. 

You've probably already seen the video of the black homeless woman trying to protect Trump's star on Hollywood Blvd.  I'm posting here for the record, along with a most intelligent tweet from @NolteNC.

If you wish to disagree with my statement that Hillary is a criminal, please include a link to Hillary's outrage over this assault in your comment below.

Breitbart has the story, including Trump's request to find this latest victim of liberalism.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ushanka Will Be Back in 5 . . .

I'm currently on a spiritual journey near the corner of Addison and N. Clark.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Meme of the Day

The Comey FBI

Q:  What's the difference between a sleeping security guard and an FBI agent?

A:  The security guard never looked away when presented proof of crimes that put national security at risk.

My July article on the Comey-FBI - FBI Resignations: Where Are They?

Here is the Drudge page today.

Apparently FBI Director Comey was fooled by the recent polling showing Hillary up in double digits.  He thought he was safe.  Then, as the Hillary campaign was warned behind closed doors, the polls were going to be 'corrected' once early-voting had started in key states.  After all, these obsolete-media outlets have to save some face for the post-election season.

So what does Comey do today?  He re-opens the investigation in to Hillary's emails.  They allegedly have 'new' information that the 150 agents didn't find in the first 18-month investigation.  Perhaps...  she may have violated a law after all.  Perhaps.

I think this is a more accurate headline for today.  Don't you?

The Comey-FBI.  If an agent still works there after Director Comey first covered-up Hillary's crimes, they should 1) be ashamed of themselves, and 2) they should admit they now work for the "Comey FBI."

I'd be posting this from jail had I done a tenth of her crimes.

UPDATED 10 minutes later:

FB Comrade Matt says:
If you think the FBI "just learned new information" please slap yourself.
They re-opened the case because now WE have the same info they HAD and they are out of excuses.

UPDATED 10.29.16 9:20am (CST):

Comrade Matt Bracken shared this on FB this morning:

UPDATED 10.30.16 10pm:

And Anthony wears an imitation Glorious Hat!

UPDATED 10.31.16 1pm:

Multiple sources are saying Comey had multiple resignations on his desk, including resignations from senior FBI staff.  Here is one from ZH.

Did I influence this with my July article at American Thinker where I suggested immediate resignation was the only right thing to do?  I hope so.  But I take no joy in it.

My opinion of the FBI does not change until:
1) Comey resigns,
2) The rule of law is restored, and all criminals are treated (indicted) equally,
#2 will take a while.  And to be clear here, #2 includes the entire Clinton crime syndicate in prison.

UPDATED 12.5.17:

Judge Pirro offers a new term re: Comey:  "Political whore."

We are now learning that FBI agent, Peter Strzok, is an anti-Trumper.

That's ok if he can keep it separate from his duties.  But he was recently transferred to HR (not fired as some are reporting) from the Mueller special counsel investigation because he couldn't keep it separate.  Before that, he was a supervisor on the Clinton email scandal that led to my article (linked above).  The Daily Caller explains.

More from Tucker Carlson:

Every agent who failed to resign in 2016 now works for the Comey-FBI.
Every agent who failed to resign is Peter Strzok, by another name.

It gets worse.  Washington Post:
During the Clinton investigation, Strzok was involved in a romantic relationship with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who worked for Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to the people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The extramarital affair was problematic, these people said, but of greater concern among senior law enforcement officials were text messages the two exchanged during the Clinton investigation and campaign season in which they expressed anti-Trump sentiments and other comments that appeared to favor Clinton.

An affair?  With a co-worker?
Steering more than one criminal investigation with political bias?
Still employed at FBI?

Removal of an investigator and hiding the reason from congress?
The only arrest is Gen. Flynn who was tricked by Strzok?  And these charges remain valid how?

ZH: The WSJ Editorial Board suggests today that Mueller step down.  
All of this reinforces our doubts about Mr. Mueller’s ability to conduct a fair and credible probe of the FBI’s considerable part in the Russia-Trump drama. Mr. Mueller ran the bureau for 12 years and is fast friends with Mr. Comey, whose firing by Mr. Trump triggered his appointment as special counsel. The reluctance to cooperate with a congressional inquiry compounds doubts related to this clear conflict of interest.
The FBI needs to go the direction of the League of Nations: away.  Time to flush that toilet and rebuild new.  My suggestions: 1) aim for 1/3 the size of the current FBI and 1/4 the current FBI scope, 2) ignore affirmative action and other HR/SJW muck, and 3) seek top police investigators with a history of success and work-ethic.

Truth of the Day

FB Comrade Andy, a former Army Officer, shares,

It is as simple as that.

Powell Goes #NeverTrump

Hardly news.  Colin Powell, America's Affirmative Action JCS, voted Democrat in 2008 and 2012.  He's hardly a Republican, and only uses the label to get media attention.

It is a real shame to see him descend like this.  He could have taken the high road after leaving public service.  But the lure of klieg lights and popularity were too strong.  Or maybe it was a return to his roots?

Is he a racist?  It would explain his support for Obama when McCain, and later Romney, were the epitome of a Powell Republican candidate. Moderate. Inclusive.  Smooth.

Oh well.

I've added Powell to my list.  The updated list is below.

In other #NeverTrump news, Laura Ingraham has doubled-down on the losers and is now shaming them.  Since a #NeverTrump is a vote for Hillary, or a non-vote for Trump that then helps Hillary, Laura concludes #NeverTrump = support for partial birth abortion.
“They are standing with the woman who stood up there today and said ‘I’m 100 percent for Roe v. Wade and partial-birth abortion’. That’s what #NeverTrump stands for I guess, Roe v. Wade and partial-birth abortions,” she said to Hannity.
Is she right?

Of course she is right.

#NeverTrump should have been a primary-only movement.  But they dug their heels in and wadded up their panties tight, and now there is no moving from their principled stand against... something.  As for any principled stand for something, crickets.

The updated lists, with some obligatory comments further down:

Diann Russell (Patriot Retort)
Doug Ross (DirectorBlue)
John Hawkins (RightWingNews)
Dave Blout (MoonBattery)
Michael Reagan
Eunie Smith (Eagle Forum)
Anne Cori (Eagle Forum)
Cathie Adams (Eagle Forum)
Rosina Kovar (Eagle Forum)
Shirley Curry (Eagle Forum)
Carolyn McLarty (Eagle Forum)
John Podhoretz (Commentary Magazine)
William Jacobsen (Legal Insurrection)
Steve Berman (The Resurgent)
Ben Howe (RedState)
Ted Cruz (TX)
John Kasich (OH)
Jeb Bush
Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey, NH
Former Rep. Chris Shays, CT
Former Rep. Tom Coleman, MO
Former Rep. Vin Weber, MN 
Mindy Finn (former RNC chief digital strategist) 
Christine Iverson Gunderson (former RNC press secretary) 
Virginia Hume Onufer (former RNC deputy press secretary) 
Beth Miller (former RNC field communications division director) 
Heather Layman (former deputy press secretary) 
B. Jay Cooper (former RNC communications director under four chairmen)  
Patrick Ruffini (former RNC ecampaign director). 
Terresa Monroe-Hamilton (NoisyRoom)
Fawkes News (SondraK)

Why do I keep posting this list?
1) While most of these people are conservatives who share my values, many behaved like liberals by telling me what was wrong with my candidate rather than tell me what was good about theirs.  Shameful behavior.
2) Many of these people consider themselves 'thought leaders' in conservative circles, yet they either missed the Trump Phenomenon and the anger that fueled it, or they chose to counter it for personal gain.  Many still claim a more enlightened perspective, but I've stopped listening to their ideas and predictions.  If they couldn't see the Trump Phenomenon, what good are they?
3) Some have jumped onto the Trump Train after their attempt to stifle or sabotage it.  Of these, some have suffered a reduction in listeners/readers and thus ad revenue.  The others are suffering in the polls for an upcoming race or have some other career reason to show support now.  In both cases, personal gain was the reason for going #NeverTrump, and personal gain is the reason they now support Trump.
4) #NeverTrumpers are Republicans who choose to not support the Party's nominee.  Since I could vote I have always supported the nominee.  I was always loyal. Are the #NeverTrumpers telling me I don't have to be loyal anymore?

5) Because the #NeverTrumpers called me "stupid" or a "low information voter" during the primaries. I've learned with liberals that these labels are the sign I've won.  #NeverTrumpers aren't any different than liberals.  The Internet is forever (unless Hillary is elected President), and Ushanka never forgets.
 See the original Ushanka posts:
BitterCruzingers 2.24.16
#NeverTrump 3.2.16

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kathleen Kane - D

PA DEMOCRAT Attorney General was found guilty and sentenced to 10-23 months in jail.

Here is our post where we all-but predicted this outcome - from March 2014.

Liberals.  They're all guilty.  Just some of them are still walking free.

Perhaps someday we will make America great again...

Story at Breitbart.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Glorious Hat 2-for-1 Sale

You can buy two Glorious Hats for the price of one through Sunday.  Comrade Captain Capitalism (Aaron Clarey) has the details:

One detail he left out: this offer is only good for US orders.

A great Christmas gift for the conservative who has everything!

Election 2016 Update

The recent Michael Moore comments about Trump, put to music.  Very nice.

Many of the polls still show Hillary ahead. 

Here are two photos from this week.  This one is from Trump's rally in Jacksonville FL:

This one is from a Hillary rally, somewhere.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

They Call this Trolling

They call this trolling.

I call it free speech.

Kudos to the one who thought this up and placed this poster in a kitchen used by Brit politicians.

Instead of being offended, they should realize that this marks the non-violent stage of disagreement.

Daily Mail via WZ.


Conservative Treehouse shared this 6-min video.  Select quotes from Trump's Oct 13 speech, with video and music added.  Good stuff!

The America Way or the European Way

"The America Way or the European Way.  Finally you get a choice." 

Pat Condell's message to Americans:

Why must we 'go across the pond' for good advice? 

99 Years Ago Today

The Bolshevik seized power in Russia.

Their takeover occurred after months of rioting, crime, chaos, and efforts to dilute the legitimacy of the government.* 

My question to the Ushanka visitors: 
Are the Communists in America aiming for a similar success on the 100-year anniversary?
Yes or no, don't fool yourself into thinking there aren't some who'd welcome such a turnover.

Of course, if it wasn't for the Bolsheviks, we wouldn't have Glorious Hat....

* BLM, public schools, ISIS, illegal email servers, 'Bush's fault,' Loretta Lynch, Clinton Foundation, James Comey, transgender bathrooms, the purging of key military leaders, etc.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Afternoon Cigar

I smoked another My Father Flor De Las Antillas by the fire pit.  I'm still reading Clancy's Clear and Present Danger.

I made a disturbing discovery this afternoon.  Stocks of reloading supplies, specifically bullets, are sold out.  They were in surplus just a month ago.  My source had them on sale.  Same too the .223 ammo used in those evil AR-15s.  A month ago all forms and brands of .223 was available, and it looked like prices were going to drop due to the peak inventories.  Luckily for me, I either don't have any guns, or if I do, I've already stocked up on everything I need to keep pace with the target shooting I've become accustomed.

The angst with this year's election is incredible.  I'm trying to keep my distance from that emotional turmoil as much as possible, and I hope you are too.  The old-media outlets are reporting huge Hillary leads in their polls, and the new-media and Alt-Right guys are all talking about a Trump landslide.  We all agree the Hillary polls don't include her voter fraud, and the Trump polls don't show the cross-over voters and the citizens who've never voted but will be there early on the 8th for Trump.

Someone is very, very wrong.  And some folks are going to be very, very disappointed on Nov. 9.  And that assumes the loser will concede that night rather than take the country through another chad-counting ordeal.

This prediction map is from FoxNews, a source I used to trust.  It just does not jive with the numbers and enthusiasm seen at the Trump rallies. 

UPDATED 10.25.16 10:30am:

Just to elaborate a bit further, the VP candidate on the ticket most likely to win according to the old-media predictions like the FoxNews map above, attracted thirty people to his rally yesterday in Florida.  This morning's Drudge:

UPDATED 10.25.16 4pm:

Check out Comrade Matt Forney's latest Alt-Right Life podcast at RightOn.Net.  He interviews Ethan Ralph, of The Ralph Retort, and they discuss the presidential polling data in detail.  A good conversation, since they are not like-minded on who will win the election.  This topic is in the 2nd half of the podcast.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wasting Time

I decided I was wasting too much time on Facebook. So I wasted time tonight on Imgur instead. 

Here are three gems. 

Were you expecting deep political analysis with links to historical events caused by Communism? 

Perhaps tomorrow.

Election Primer: Jon Voight

#NeverTrumpers and liberals won't understand.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Cubs are in the World Series

The Cubs just beat the Dodgers 5-0 to win the National League Championship.

I'm numb.

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

I smoked a New World cigar as I continued reading through the Tom Clancy novels.  I finished The Cardinal of the Kremlin and started Clear and Present DangerGlorious Hat came in handy, as it was only 50 degrees today.  Remember Comrades, winter is coming!

From Cardinal of the Kremlin:
(P 21) To Russians, who rarely had enough of anything, "having enough" meant having more than anyone else - preferably more than everyone else.  Ryan thought it evidence of a national inferiority complex, and reminded himself that people who feel themselves inferior have a pathological desire to disprove their own perceptions.


(P 422)  If there was anything Russians hated, it was to be looked down on, and most of all by the Americans, to who they had a terminal inferiority complex.


(P 698)  "Our weapons make us equals!  Alexandrov objected.
"But what advantage do they give us when the West has weapons, too?  Is there anyone around this table who is content to be equal to the West?  Our rockets do that for us," Narmonov said, "but there is more to national greatness than the ability to kill.  If we are to defeat the West, it cannot be with nuclear bombs - unless you want the Chinese to inherit our world." Narmonov paused.  "Comrades, if we are to prevail we have to get our economy moving!"

The price of oil is high right now, around $50/barrel.  Here is Russia's oil-price requirement (from last August):

Hillary's main campaign theme seems to be, "elect me, and we'll go to war with Russia."  She's upset her private email server communications (and her many crimes) are coming to light, and she thinks Russia is behind it.

I'm just a simple hat maker who is the product of American public schools, but I have to ask: 
Why would Russia want to hurt the weakest candidate's chances at getting elected? 
Russia has enjoyed a weak US President for 8 years who has cancelled anti-ballistic systems in Poland and elsewhere, who has helped ISIS and the formation of the Caliphate in the Middle East, and who has purged the war-fighting leadership in the US military. Shouldn't they want four more years of this?

Bottom line: Russia is no military threat to the US at any level except the ultimate, non-option: total thermonuclear war.

The only variable that runs counter to this is a Democrat Party President. They know their history, and they have many stories of missed opportunities where a Republican replaced a Democrat and changed the geopolitical landscape at Russia's expense.  Recall, Reagan was the first Cold War President that reversed the Communist expansion into other countries.

$50 oil, thanks to US fracking and Saudi over-production, is killing Russia.  A President Trump will call their bluster bluff bs and meet them head-on in any regional misstep.  Putin has three months left to achieve his goals via illegal means.  Then, assuming Trump wins, Putin is stuck fixing internal problems the old fashion way: through hard work, sacrifice and all other legal means.


Check out this updated post suggesting the World needs to see a live demo of a nuclear weapon: Hiroshima Day - or- Nukes: Time for a Live Demo.
I can assure you that having the entire world tune in for "The Live Demo" -- and the whole world will tune in -- shall give the entire planet pause. It's not enough for humans to be told about nukes. Every so often, we need to see to believe.

And if you give some thought to this you'll be far ahead of any #NeverTrumper: It was our restrictions on steel exports to Japan that brought them into WWII.  They came to the [incorrect] realization that they had more to lose by not going to war.  Is Russia feeling the same way with $50 oil, a declining population and other internal stresses?  And if so, what would have a stabilizing effect: strong US leadership, or weak US leadership?

UPDATED 10.23.16 Noon:

A Message from our Founder

Message received.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debate #3 Wrap-Up

I watched the Cubs school the Dodgers on Wednesday night, so I had to play catch-up today with the debate.  I only have a couple thoughts to convey, along with a bunch of memes that hit FB in the hours following the debate.

I saw Trump continue a few tactics that I think are great:
1) Remind us that Hillary has been in and around govt. service for 30 years,
2) Remind Hillary that the things she complains about now are things she could have changed while in office,
3) Remind us that Hillary has violated multiple laws and is a congenital liar, and
4) Paint the picture of a Hillary administration, with the high health care costs, poor military and diplomatic strategies, and the continued poor judgement that results in more suffering.

I saw Mr. Trump pivot to a new theme: voter fraud.

Bravo!  Make this topic front and center between now and election day.  It reinforces the fact that Democrats are always lying and cheating, and it will add to a new awareness of voters on election day.

If the election is called for Hillary the night of the 8th, it'll take an act of God to get it reversed.  If Hillary is accused of voter fraud for over two weeks prior, every hour of every day, identifying and reversing the fraud is an easier task.

Mr. Trump used the word, "ripping," when explaining the act of a late-term abortion from his pro-life perspective.  Good.  I'm tired of the polite, yet fake, debate between GOP and DNC.  It is long overdue to use plain English for this topic.

I disagree with Mr. Trump's expectation that Roe will be "repealed."  The Supreme Court would never overrule their earlier decision, and Congress would never have the majorities necessary to [do it's job and] write a law that gives the abortion decision to the States.  It is here to stay.  And yes, the states are doing a great job of restricting abortion where they can.

Be sure to watch this video of DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile getting worked over by that otherwise discredited woman at Fox.  Liberals HATE being caught, and she is caught red handed in her corruption.  I'd say "thank God for Wikileaks," but that would be wrong.  The correct statement is, "Thank God for Trump."  If it wasn't for Trump, that woman at Fox wouldn't feel the need to badger Donna over the leaked email messages with the hope of restoring her credibility because her credibility would still be intact.

I think Trump's performance was outstanding.  He dominated, yet he was respectful.  He was presidential.  For anyone just tuning into the election season, they saw Trump as the natural leader.  And last night's performance proved, once again, that Trump was the best candidate of the original 17 just a short 10 months ago.

We picked the right man for the right moment in history.  If he wins, America gets a stay of execution.  If he loses, it was never meant to be.

And my favorite:

UPDATED 10.22.16 10pm:

Comrade Mark shared this.  My new favorite.