Monday, October 10, 2016

Holding Family to a Standard

And that standard, comrades, is always: anti-communism.

A FB Comrade of mine shared this post last night.  He was a Vietnam refugee and is now an American citizen who has an incredible story - a story some in his family are rejecting.

On April 24, 1975 my comrade was 12 years old.  His father, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the VN Army who was owed a favor or two, picked up my comrade and his 16 year old brother from school.  He drove them to the main airbase in Saigon and put them on a C-130 to the Philippines with the message: "you may not see your family again."  Six days later Saigon fell
Just got home from church. Raiders won. Debate... I missed it. Then I had to type this to educate one of my young relatives who somehow is misguided:

So you all know, I am the evil uncle in the family. Let me just state this then I will get out of your hair. I am surprised so many of you Vietnamese Americans are democrats. Do you know why you're here? What event brought you, your parents, and your grandparents here. The democrat 93rd and 94th congress defunded the war efforts to SE Asia, causing the Fall of Saigon. Millions of people died after 1975 including the killing fields of Cambodia. YOU of all people should align with the party of death. You actively piss and shit on the graves of nearly 250,000 who died at sea and millions more executed or died in re-education camps. Shame on you if you didn't know the history of the 93rd and 94th congress. Shame on you if you knew and still vote democrats. Shame on you if you won't read about it after reading my comments. So get off your high horses talking about rapes when millions of babies are killed. Are any of you defending them? NOT a fk soul here. You dishonored those names on the VN Wall. I don't give a flying shit how old you are or even if you were born here. History is a precious thing if you know what it is. Done here.
My comrade and his brother left the Philippines for Guam, then California, and then Arkansas.  They were re-united with their parents and two other siblings a year later, so a happy story for them.  He lives in Arizona now and spends a generous amount of time sharing his stories and love for America with Vietnam Veterans, high school students, and anyone else who will listen.

Some in is family refuse to listen, but he refuses to let up.  Good. 

He holds his family to a standard.  He's an example for all of us.

(Yes, he owns a Glorious Hat.)

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