Monday, October 10, 2016

Polls: Post Debate #2

In case you were feeling optimistic about Trump's performance last night:

Source: Real Clear Politics

UPDATED 10.12.16 1pm:

The jump in the polls above has been widely discredited by many who have investigated further.  Both the poll takers are suspect, as are the distribution of Dems vs. Rep.

If I were to be asked my opinion, I'd warn that the polls might be skewed to generate public opinion, but that the polls also do not represent the Somali vote.  If this is a close race, the Somali vote will give the victory to Hillary.  But if Trump is far ahead, there are not enough busses to charter to make up the difference.

Doug Ross has a post on this subject.

And Lame Cherry is predicting a "Trump Landslide" victory.

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