Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debate #3 Wrap-Up

I watched the Cubs school the Dodgers on Wednesday night, so I had to play catch-up today with the debate.  I only have a couple thoughts to convey, along with a bunch of memes that hit FB in the hours following the debate.

I saw Trump continue a few tactics that I think are great:
1) Remind us that Hillary has been in and around govt. service for 30 years,
2) Remind Hillary that the things she complains about now are things she could have changed while in office,
3) Remind us that Hillary has violated multiple laws and is a congenital liar, and
4) Paint the picture of a Hillary administration, with the high health care costs, poor military and diplomatic strategies, and the continued poor judgement that results in more suffering.

I saw Mr. Trump pivot to a new theme: voter fraud.

Bravo!  Make this topic front and center between now and election day.  It reinforces the fact that Democrats are always lying and cheating, and it will add to a new awareness of voters on election day.

If the election is called for Hillary the night of the 8th, it'll take an act of God to get it reversed.  If Hillary is accused of voter fraud for over two weeks prior, every hour of every day, identifying and reversing the fraud is an easier task.

Mr. Trump used the word, "ripping," when explaining the act of a late-term abortion from his pro-life perspective.  Good.  I'm tired of the polite, yet fake, debate between GOP and DNC.  It is long overdue to use plain English for this topic.

I disagree with Mr. Trump's expectation that Roe will be "repealed."  The Supreme Court would never overrule their earlier decision, and Congress would never have the majorities necessary to [do it's job and] write a law that gives the abortion decision to the States.  It is here to stay.  And yes, the states are doing a great job of restricting abortion where they can.

Be sure to watch this video of DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile getting worked over by that otherwise discredited woman at Fox.  Liberals HATE being caught, and she is caught red handed in her corruption.  I'd say "thank God for Wikileaks," but that would be wrong.  The correct statement is, "Thank God for Trump."  If it wasn't for Trump, that woman at Fox wouldn't feel the need to badger Donna over the leaked email messages with the hope of restoring her credibility because her credibility would still be intact.

I think Trump's performance was outstanding.  He dominated, yet he was respectful.  He was presidential.  For anyone just tuning into the election season, they saw Trump as the natural leader.  And last night's performance proved, once again, that Trump was the best candidate of the original 17 just a short 10 months ago.

We picked the right man for the right moment in history.  If he wins, America gets a stay of execution.  If he loses, it was never meant to be.

And my favorite:

UPDATED 10.22.16 10pm:

Comrade Mark shared this.  My new favorite.

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