Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Afternoon Cigar

I smoked another My Father Flor De Las Antillas by the fire pit.  I'm still reading Clancy's Clear and Present Danger.

I made a disturbing discovery this afternoon.  Stocks of reloading supplies, specifically bullets, are sold out.  They were in surplus just a month ago.  My source had them on sale.  Same too the .223 ammo used in those evil AR-15s.  A month ago all forms and brands of .223 was available, and it looked like prices were going to drop due to the peak inventories.  Luckily for me, I either don't have any guns, or if I do, I've already stocked up on everything I need to keep pace with the target shooting I've become accustomed.

The angst with this year's election is incredible.  I'm trying to keep my distance from that emotional turmoil as much as possible, and I hope you are too.  The old-media outlets are reporting huge Hillary leads in their polls, and the new-media and Alt-Right guys are all talking about a Trump landslide.  We all agree the Hillary polls don't include her voter fraud, and the Trump polls don't show the cross-over voters and the citizens who've never voted but will be there early on the 8th for Trump.

Someone is very, very wrong.  And some folks are going to be very, very disappointed on Nov. 9.  And that assumes the loser will concede that night rather than take the country through another chad-counting ordeal.

This prediction map is from FoxNews, a source I used to trust.  It just does not jive with the numbers and enthusiasm seen at the Trump rallies. 

UPDATED 10.25.16 10:30am:

Just to elaborate a bit further, the VP candidate on the ticket most likely to win according to the old-media predictions like the FoxNews map above, attracted thirty people to his rally yesterday in Florida.  This morning's Drudge:

UPDATED 10.25.16 4pm:

Check out Comrade Matt Forney's latest Alt-Right Life podcast at RightOn.Net.  He interviews Ethan Ralph, of The Ralph Retort, and they discuss the presidential polling data in detail.  A good conversation, since they are not like-minded on who will win the election.  This topic is in the 2nd half of the podcast.

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