Sunday, October 30, 2016

Liberals Being Liberals

The Bolsheviks populated their secret police, the Cheka, with criminals.  Criminals didn't hesitate to confiscate grain which led to over 3 million deaths in the winter of 1921-22.  And those criminals were all too happy to act on Lenin's quotas for internal enemies: to the labor camps, or execution.

Hillary plans to put criminals in charge of her policies too.  She can relate to criminals, being one herself. 

You've probably already seen the video of the black homeless woman trying to protect Trump's star on Hollywood Blvd.  I'm posting here for the record, along with a most intelligent tweet from @NolteNC.

If you wish to disagree with my statement that Hillary is a criminal, please include a link to Hillary's outrage over this assault in your comment below.

Breitbart has the story, including Trump's request to find this latest victim of liberalism.

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