Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Fed: Seven Questions from Karl.

1) Is Fed President Janet Yellen leaving soon?

2) If so, who will keep boosting the stock market with lower rates and false rate increase announcements?

Bloomberg, via Drudge:  Citi Is Worried About the Political Winds Blowing Against Yellen.
Citigroup Inc. on Tuesday posed an unspeakable question: will a political storm sweep Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen after the election that will force her to quit before her term ends in February 2018?

Amid one of the most polarized U.S. elections in living memory, monetary policy has been thrust firmly into the campaign limelight. Republican nominee Donald Trump has attacked Yellen in highly personal terms, questioned the independence of the Fed, and suggested the Chair could be replaced with a partisan choice under a Trump administration.
3) So Citi, which donated $985,975 to Hillary, thinks Trump will win? 

4) Haven't they seen the polls showing Hillary up by 14?

5) And why would Yellen leave when she has so much credibility?

6) I'm just spit-balling here... but could Yellen's coming exit have anything to do with the fact that there are no more interest rates to cut? 

7) And, if so, is she not the right person to take us into negative interest rates?

Because negative interest rates are coming.

So many questions.

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