Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Hats in Dayton

We handed out some Commie Obama hats today at the Obama rally in Dayton Ohio.

Hopefully our hats were seen, and appreciated, at the event!

U/T: Zhukov

10.24.12 12:30pm: Thanks IOTW!

10.25.12 9am: Thanks Lower the Boom and Moonbattery!

10.25.12 6pm: Thanks Doug Ross!

10.26.12 11:30am: Thanks Maser-Media!


Doc said...


Corona said...

Free shnizzle! (Great vid!)

Kilo Fox said...

Excellent idea comrade.

Last year I went to a liberal democrats' house wearing my Commie 0bama Ushanka while telling my liberal / progressive / communist friends how anxious I was to see chairman 0bama get re-elected to politburo. They did not react as happily as the 0bama proletariat in your video and I was not invited back for quite a while. It's strange how they felt perfectly comfortable having a BusHitler themed party but they do not tolerate any criticism of chairman 0bama (such as how I typically spell the name 0bama with 0 instead of O). Yet they view themselves as "tolerant", as do many so-called progressives / liberals.

Congratulations on your hat redistribution !

*PS- can you allow the HTML tag for strike-through text in the comments ? How are we supposed to use the liberal, progressive, communist joke (as it appears on your hat) without strike-through text?

Karl said...


Thanks for watching the video and wearing your hats.

Spelling Obama with a zero - brilliant Comrade Fox.

Blog and comments are all part of Google's blogger, so plenty of limitations. But you may try the html tags s and /s withing <> brackets...

Comrade Grunt said...

This was a truly epic thing you did.

How would you like your Internets Delivered?

Anonymous said...

I love it! Do you think any of them will ever get it?

Karl said...

Thank you Grunt!

Comrade Merry - one guy figured it out and he went over to the entrance and caught a few hat-wearers. I have to assume someone in the event got word of the hats and had people take them off too. That is them responding to me - not a bad thing.

Saul Alinsky - eat your heart out!