Monday, October 01, 2012


Everyone has a label they use to explain our dear leader.

We were using "Communist" long before it was cool. 

Whatever label you use - defend it.  The fact that for the first time in my life a major portion of the population is clammering with labels to explain the odd, anti-American behavior of this guy carries more weight that any consensus on a specific label.

As for "Communist", we know there is some flaw there.  Lenin, Stalin or Mao wouldn't be seen in public with this guy.  Obama is a piker compared to them.  He fails at Liberty and Capitalism, and he fails at Total Nationalization and Redistribution.

We'll bet a cold glass of Leninade 100% of the country will be glad he's gone in 2013.

Top image from FB Friend, and bottom image is the design of one of our hat's side panels. 

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