Friday, October 12, 2012

VP Debate

Our Notes:

The debate moderator failed America.

Biden's re-election as VP depends on American not hearing what Ryan has to say.  Biden's interrupting and other behavior unbecoming of a 5th grader was meant to do this.

America's foreign threats and struggling economy are funny to Biden.  Everybody saw this.

We doubt one vote was gained or lost on this debate.

We and our friends wish Ryan had done more or better.  We doubt that was possible.  A+ to Ryan for doing what he could against a lib VP and a lib moderator.  Biden gets a A+ to for obfuscating.

At Drudge:

Chris Wallace: I've never seen a candidate as disrespectful as Biden...
Borger: Came Off As Condescending...
Hume: 'Cranky Old Man'...
Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times?
AP: 'Laugh, chuckle, grimace, grin, smirk, goofy face'...
CNN: Raddatz 'the third debater'...

RNC's First Post-Debate Ad:

From FB Friends:

DailyKos celebrates a Democrat win!

Kos himself:

Tonight felt great, didn't it? Conservatives are hung up on Vice President Joe Biden being too tough and aggressive, since apparently now they're peace-loving hippies. Or something.

Fact is, Paul Ryan looked way out of his depth, and for a party that spent the last four years claiming Biden was an idiot, it turns out he turned the GOP's "policy wonk" into roadkill.

UPDATED 10.13:

From Comments:  This link, and this quote from Dan Riehl:

As for Biden: lethal in the sense that he killed himself and squandered his biggest asset: likability. In an effort to reduce Ryan, he reduced himself.


Anonymous said...

rgamComrade Iowahawk nailed it. He said" Biden did what he had to do last night.Audition for the 5 PM slot on MSLSD."And his performance will surely land him the job!

Anonymous said...

this covers the moderator aspect