Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gene Wilder

For a few years when I was young, the Willy Wonka movie would come to my local theater and my parents would take me.  In addition to the obvious lessons that the Oompa Loompas would sing about, I developed an interest in two other traits: entrepreneurship, and sarcasm.  It isn't the movie I give this credit to, but Gene Wilder.  A great actor and a genuine man.

The DailyMail has more on his passing.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Clips from Hillary's Speech - Episode 4

Today's episode: With Whom You Walk

Previous Episodes:
Episode 3: Hate
Episode 2: National Security
Episode 1: Hillary's Health

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Wonderful, Terrible Idea

This one has always cracked me up:

It gave me this wonderful, terrible idea...

What do you think?

Here is the Clinton Body Count website.  I'm not sure it has been updated with the recent DNC staffer deaths or not...

UPDATED 8.30.16 11am:

Perhaps the next accident has already been planned.  GP has the story.

Sign of the Election Year

From Comrade BFH at IOTW:

Clips from Hillary's Speech - Episode 3

Comrades!  Today's topic: Hate.  Less than 2 minutes.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

NeverTrumpers Return

Like a bad rash, they have come back.

The MSM is giddy with news they created about Mr. Trump "softening his stance on immigration."  Don't they know this is a ploy?  Or, if it were not, don't they realize that Mr. Trump would have to dilute his immigration stance over 90% before his policy is as watered down as the policies belonging to those sore losers: Cruz, Kasich, et al?

I have no doubt I've been unfriended today by any number of NeverTrumpers and BitterCruzingers who turned to FB to celebrate.  Each one, without fail, was lambasted by their FB friends for their utter bitterness, smugness and immaturity.  They walked into both barrels today.  Nobody has the patience for these fools any more.  Two options remain: go pout in the corner, or put on the big boy pants.

I won't call out those who are directly connected to me, but I will call out those whose voices are in the public realm. 
Again, Victory Girls spread their BitterCruzinger cooties on an otherwise pristine Internet.

And Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom is telling us she will "write-in" Cruz in November, and that her write-in doesn't help Hillary at all.  I've added her to my list below, and removed that nonsense from my blogroll.

Fawkes News at SondraK can't contain himself.  "Suckers" and the Hitler video and whatever else he can post in celebration of his non-victory.  It is unbecoming.  Also added below and also removed from the Ushanka Blogroll.  A shame - one of the first blogs I connected with almost 10 years ago.

The updated lists - BitterCruzingers and NeverTrumpers:

Diann (Patriot Retort)
Doug Ross (DirectorBlue)
John Hawkins (RightWingNews)
Dave Blout (MoonBattery)
Michael Reagan
Eunie Smith (Eagle Forum)
Anne Cori (Eagle Forum)
Cathie Adams (Eagle Forum)
Rosina Kovar (Eagle Forum)
Shirley Curry (Eagle Forum)
Carolyn McLarty (Eagle Forum)
John Podhoretz (Commentary Magazine)
William Jacobsen (Legal Insurrection)
Steve Berman (The Resurgent)
Ben Howe (RedState)
Flopping Aces
George Will
Ted Cruz
John Kasich
Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey, NH
Former Rep. Chris Shays, CT
Former Rep. Tom Coleman, MO
Former Rep. Vin Weber, MN 
Mindy Finn (former RNC chief digital strategist) 
Christine Iverson Gunderson (former RNC press secretary) 
Virginia Hume Onufer (former RNC deputy press secretary) 
Beth Miller (former RNC field communications division director) 
Heather Layman (former deputy press secretary) 
B. Jay Cooper (former RNC communications director under four chairmen)  
Patrick Ruffini (former RNC ecampaign director). 
Terresa Monroe-Hamilton (NoisyRoom)
Fawkes News (SondraK)

UPDATED 8.28.16 5:30pm:

The people listed above didn't want you or me to see this unofficial Trump commercial.  Or worse, they actively tried to manipulate you and me into working against this.  Instead of campaigning for their choice and telling us the positives about their guy, they called us "stupid," or worse.

So little.  So wrong.  So embarrassing.


UPDATED 8.28.16 10pm:

I see BFH has lost his patience at IOTW.  He banned two regulars who could only bad-mouth Trump instead of offer anything to the conversation there.  See the comment thread: JohnS and Menderman. 

What a shame.  It is an otherwise great year for conservatives.

UPDATED 8.31.16 2pm:

Comrade C. Steven shared this gem from Comrade BFH at IOTW.   I believe BFH was backing another candidate during most of the primaries, but unlike the people listed above, he didn't call others "stupid," or take months (if ever) to get behind the nominee.

Clips from Hillary's Speech - Episode 1

The first of several.  Check back tomorrow for the next one!

Today's Episode: Hillary's Health


Pushback - Christian style.

You will see some Christians praying.  You will see a rude, intolerant Muslim walk up and play music from his phone.  You will see said Muslim take responsibility for his actions.  You will be pleased.

Souce: Vlad Tepes
Referral: Matt Bracken

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cartoon of the Day

From a FB Comrade:

This got me a think'in...

If Hillary loses, she'll feel compelled to say what all Democrats say when they lose: "We didn't get our message out."

That is partially true.  Her public and PR appearance schedule is similar to Fidel Castro's, and her policy proposals are a bare minimum.  Her supporters would vote for her if she promised to do nothing, because "nothing" would mean four more years of free stuff and a blind eye towards crimes and degenerate behavior.

But isn't her 'message' getting out with all these hacked leaks?

Thousands of emails and files - Hillary's home server, DNC, Clinton Foundation, and Hillary campaign.  Sure, some vulnerabilities had to be dealt with, as we all know you have to crack some eggs to make an omelette.  But the risks are different. Some anonymous hacker over in BFE isn't as worried about his safety as the former DNC staffers who've recently turned up cold.  And while a staffer may have some troubling information on a single subject, the hacker can grab files across many subjects.  By the thousands.  And has.

If Hillary loses in November, she will have to admit: "We didn't keep our message in."

U/T: Wikileaks

Zombie Book Recommendation - The Girl with All the Gifts

This photo from Imgur reminded me that I owe you a book recommendation! (Movie: Sean of the Dead)

I just added The Girl with All the Gifts, by M. R. Carey, to my Top Zombie Books post.  

Please excuse my abbreviated review.  You'll understand after you read the book.
The zombie apocalypse appears to have run its course.  The zombies are slowing down, or have stopped all together.  There are still threats: raiders, soldiers, scientists and more.  This is a survival story about a beautiful young girl and her school teacher.  It is a story of optimism and determination. 

Some of the finest writing ever.  Very creative.  What an adorable girl!  You will love this story.

As always, if you read it, let me know what you thought!

Cincinnati - In the Lead Again!


My home town of Cincinnati, in John Kasich's Ohio, already made the top ten list of murder citiesJust last month we beat Chicago, a city 11x larger than ours, in shootings and murders.

Today we have a new claim to fame:  The Most Heroin OD's in a single day!

Huntington WV reported 26 OD's in one day just a week ago.  Huntington averages 25-30 OD's a month - 3x their state-wide average.  They met their quote in one day in August 2016.

Not to be outdone, Cincinnati announced 30 Heroin OD's on Tuesday night, and the count is now at 50 in less than two days.  

ABC has the story:
Police suspect a batch of heroin mixed with fentanyl, carfentanil or even rat poison may be to blame for the wave of overdoses. 

Each of these ingredients is known to produce a greater high and a greater risk of overdose and death than pure heroin, said WCPO.
Nearly all are surviving, giving the rest of us the opportunity to continue to pay for their health care, rehab, food, housing, etc.

But that's not all.  Cincinnati law enforcement is spending more on resources to:
protect citizens from drug users,
deter people from using drugs,
investigate the source of this tainted Heroin. 
This is the "Change" part of "Hope and Change."  And Cincinnati is fast becoming the next Detroit.

UPDATED 20 minutes later:

Cincinnati's OD count is now at 60.

UPDATED 1 hour later:

CNN has a post explaining the new use of large animal tranquilizers (carfentanil) in heroin.  They also mention a similar outbreak here in Cincinnati a month ago.


Total for two days: 78, with three dead.

The editorial staff at the Cincinnati Enquirer call on Hamilton County officials to spend more money. Which is code for "tax Karl more." They must have a word limit at the Enquirer because they don't mention a single example of when that has ever worked.

Perhaps the President of the Philippines has an idea.  Perhaps it is worth a try.  You know: "for the children."

UPDATED 8.27.16 11am:

USA Today says the total overdoses exceed 225 in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

Trump - Clinton Comparison

Remember the Ushanka GOP Rankings Reports that compared the 17 GOP Primary Candidates based on their policy plans?  My reports cut through the noise of 'who is more conservative,' and instead answered the question, 'whose stated policies are most conservative?'  More importantly, my reports were welcome objective analysis that exposed and countered the intellectual fraud spewed by the Bitter Cruzinger and NeverTrump movements.

The last GOP Rankings Report was posted in mid-March.  Seems so long ago.

ZH shares a similar comparison of Trump and Clinton based on their actual policy proposals.  No noise.  No shenanigans.  Just a single-page, side-by-side comparison.  Here is a sample:

Click here to see the full document.

And check out the comments about the two candidates at the link too!

On Hillary:
Trustworthiness:  Voters prefer a candidate whose backpedaling and flip-flopping on issues seems less calculated and strategic.
On Trump, a supporter explains:
“Look, I’ve backed Trump since the day he announced his candidacy, I put up a Trump sign in my yard back in January, and I regularly repeat the phrase that we need to ‘make America great again’—do you honestly believe a long, serious discussion of policy is going to make me any less excited about him?” said 58-year-old voter Vivian Hewitt of Derry, NH. “You can put together whatever platform you think will best address the concerns of people like me, but I’m telling you, it’s not going to work. It hasn’t worked for the past year, and it won’t work between now and November."

“So give it a rest, okay?” she added.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sign of the Day

Signs and posters appeared in front of Cedars-Sinai, St. John’s, UCLA and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital yesterday and overnight.

You.  You.  No, you! 

A hearty ushanka tip to the brains, effort and timing behind this one!
Inspired by Glorious Hat, perhaps?

Monday, August 22, 2016

New TV Series: Camps and Recreation

Found at Imgur.

The best comments:
I'd watch, but it's on at nein o'clock.

I've seen it. It's a gas, but they kill off like seven million main characters.

The shower scene will kill you!!

What channel is this on? Reich TV?
This show has all the reich stuff!

Seen it. Too campy.

Jew had better have sense of humor fir this show.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fun with Word Replace

It occurred to me that I've seen Hillary Clinton about as much as I've seen Fidel Castro in recent days.  Both seem to need the same 'medical encouragement' to make a public appearance.
Is this what Karl Marx meant by "The Struggle?"

Are there any revolutionaries left who DON'T need a sponge bath?

Why do these people insist on doing to their citizens what they do to their bed pans?
Source article: Politico -  Clinton campaign goes nuclear on health rumors
"Clinton" was replaced with "Castro."
"Hillary" was replaced with "Fidel."
"Her" replaced with "His."
"She" replaced with "He."

Castro campaign goes nuclear on health rumors

The issue of Castro’s health has percolated in certain circles since his concussion in late 2012.

By Nick Gass

Fidel Castro’s campaign is pushing back even harder Thursday on multiple “deranged conspiracy theories” about his health, as one top aide put it earlier in the week, as Donald Trump continues to stoke doubts about the Democratic nominee’s “mental and physical stamina.”

As news broke Wednesday about the shakeup in Trump’s campaign, including the hiring of Stephen Bannon from Breitbart as its chief executive and the promotion of pollster Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager, the Drudge Report blared a report about — pillows. Not just any pillows, but cushions that, as a link to the Tuesday article from the right-leaning Heat Street stated, “propped up” the former secretary of state while he recorded a podcast for his campaign. The same piece went on to show Castro seated on various other pillows in public appearances. “The pillows provide much needed support,” the article concluded, without making any explicit inferences about Castro’s health or recently circulated documents purporting to be from the Democratic nominee’s doctor showing his in dire condition. (Factcheck.org has debunked the documents as fake.)

Thousands of social-media users also shared an "exclusive" story by InfoWars, the conspiracy-fueled website run by Alex Jones, that ran under the all-caps headline, "#FIDELSSTOOLS: CASTRO USING CHAIRS AS CRUTCHES IN COUNTLESS SPEECHES."

Trump has dipped his toe in the same waters, without explicitly embracing any of the theories floating around various far-right sites. Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity at a town hall event in Wisconsin taped Tuesday but aired Wednesday night, Trump said of Castro, "He doesn't really do that much. He'll give a speech on a teleprompter, and then he'll disappear. 

“I don't know if he goes home [and] goes to sleep. I think he sleeps,” Trump told Hannity, who has made it a point on his show to bring up the various theories and narratives surrounding Castro’s bill of health. “I guess he takes a lot of weekends off. He takes a lot of time off. And you know, that's frankly — frankly, it's really not fair."

UPDATED 8.22.16 9am:

Less than 11 hours after I posted above, the Clinton campaign responds.

I knew they read Ushanka!


From the linked article at Politico:

Clinton's campaign has since called those claims "deranged conspiracy theories" and has recirculated a 2015 letter from internist Lisa Bardack that said Clinton was in good health.
Normally I'd withdraw.  You can't fight the Clinton Machine.  You can't prove a Clinton lie.  But you can end up dead.

But this is no regular Clinton lie.  Either start campaigning at the same tempo as your opponent Hillary, or the suspicion will continue.

I can do this all day.

UPDATED 8.22.16 4:30pm:

A comrade of a FB comrade commented on an unflattering recent photo of the Democrat Party nominee for President of the United States.  She said:
I'm telling you, she looks so much like my mother looked 6 to 8 weeks before she died.
Her liver was about 20%; her kidneys were about 20%. When she died they were both at 10%.
She also posted a photo of her mother to prove the similar look.

I'll say it again:
One of the candidates looks at Nov 8 as the start of a race, and the other looks at it as a finish line. 
The policies that follow will reflect that perspective.  One will set policies in place to Make America Great Again (or at least try), and the other will set policies to shut down criticism and opposition, followed by the trains when the initial policies fail.

UPDATED 8.22.16 9:30pm:

GP reports that Ben Stein has compared Hillary's appearance to his late mother's appearance when she was suffering from Lupus.  (audio at the link)

Book Review: NVSQVAM

Book Review: NVSQVAM, by Ann Sterzinger.  336 pages, 2nd Edition: April 2016.

I read the Kindle version.  Review date: August 21, 2016.

Question:  How dark can one go?  

Answer: Read NVSQVAM.

NVSQVAM, latin for “Nowhere”, is a story of depression, regrets, a fixation on bad memories and a habit for bad choices, compounded by alcoholism and selfishness squared.  It is a story about Lester, a PhD candidate and teacher’s assistant at Southern Illinois University who is married to a solid wife.  They have an exceptional smart child.  Lester is on the brink of success.  He is about to reach his academic and career goal.  But he finds, or creates, every reason not to cross the finish line.  For every step Lester takes forward, he takes five back.  For every up, he has five downs.

NVSQVAM has a 4.5 star rating at Amazon, no doubt for the quality of writing.  Sterzinger is an excellent story-teller.  You’ll read, and likely learn, plenty about the classics, life in rural Illinois, childhood in Wisconsin, and the struggles of graduate school.  You will see Lester experience more adult problems than you will ever see yourself.  And you’ll experience the thoughts and moods of a depressed man as he spirals.  Endlessly.  

Another oddity is Sterzinger’s use of footnotes-in-fiction.  Quite funny, they also help the younger reader, or the reader from outside the MidWest, understand the humor and sarcasm in the story.  I enjoyed these references having grown up in Illinois in the 70’s and 80’s, with plenty of time spent in Wisconsin.  I do not, however, have knowledge of the classics, which may be one reason I feel like I’ve missed something within the story.

I took three pages of notes.  But to share more would be to give too many spoiler hints.  One question I planned to answer was, “Who is the target audience for NVSQVAM?  My answer changed as I made my way through the story.  I suspected one outcome or another with each new development.  Now that I’ve finished the book, I don’t have an answer.

As of this review, there are two editions available.  The 2nd edition is available in paperback.  The author provided this to me in PDF, but I chose to read the Kindle version so I could mark pages and text.  The Kindle version is still the first edition.  The author tells me that the 2nd edition has some corrected typos.  I don’t remember more than one or two total, a nice surprise from an Amazon author.  One warning about the current Kindle version, however, is it is not edited for font size changes.  I enlarged the text and page breaks and hard-wired hyphenations appeared everywhere.  Hopefully that will be fixed when the Kindle version is updated.


Full Disclosure: Ann Sterzinger and I have been FB Comrades for a couple years now.  I met her through Comrades Matt Forney and Aaron Clarey.  

I’ve added NVSQVAM to the Ushanka Library at the left with a link to this review.

You can buy NVSQVAM at Amazon - here.

Quote of the Day

From a comrade relatively high up in the Trump organization:
I met a fairy today who said she would grant me one wish.
"I want to live forever," I said.
"Sorry," said the fairy, "I'm not allowed to grant wishes like that!"
"Fine," I said, "then I want to die after Liberals get their heads out of their asses!"
"You crafty bastard," said the fairy.

Keeping it Real

W's former press secretary, Dana Perino, offers some perspective:

I know enough to know I don't believe anybody, or any poll, in this election cycle.  And I know I suck at predicting future events.  And here is something else I know:

I do know the election outcome will be one of these four*:
1) Trump wins and America's decline is halted for at least four years,
2) Hillary buys a win with 'Free Stuff',
3) Hillary wins by cheating, or
4) Both #2 and #3.
That's it.

As for others and their predictions, there are so many closet NeverTrumpers out there that I question any Republican's prediction of Trump's defeat.  This video was posted at HotAir along with some polling data and Allahpundit's analysis.  (HotAir is a monetized GOPe'ish site I stopped visiting many years ago.)  Are the writers at HotAir NeverTrumpers and/or BitterCruzingers?  Is Dana?  I don't know.  I consider all of them members of the old media.

Some more perspective:

Four million Republicans stayed home in 2012.  Had they voted, Romney would have won.  I don't see that in 2016.  Do you?  Also, having attended four Trump rallies this year, I can also say, with confidence, that there will be new Republican voters this year.  Will it be enough?  And I suspect Trump will do something W, McCain and Romney couldn't: get more than 5% of the black vote.  Maybe even 6%.

This has been a fun year.  I've enjoyed the optimism after these horrible Obama years.  Whether grounded in reality or not, I will continue to remain optimistic through Nov. 8th.  It has been good for the soul.

2.5 months away from the only poll that matters.  We'll see.

* assuming Hillary is alive on November 8th.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ayn Rand Fans

I enjoyed this 7-min video by Liberty Pen today.  You see grown men who share the same childhood memory with the same heavy nostalgia: when they read Atlas Shrugged.

Every person I've met who has read Atlas Shrugged says the same thing: how old they were when they first read the book.  And if you read the book out in public, say at a Starbucks, people will come up to you and ask how you like it.  And yes, they will tell you how old they were when they read it.

Atlas Shrugged is the best book I have ever read.  It was sad to turn each page in the 1100-page book knowing that it would eventually come to an end.

I came to Atlas Shrugged, and Ayn Rand's other work, in my late 40's.  I can't imagine life had I not read it, and I regret having read it so late.

Atlas Shrugged and a couple of her other books are listed in the Ushanka Library at the left.

Quote of the Day

Canadian comedian Mike Ward, after being dragged into court and fined $42k for a joke about a disabled kid.  When asked about his appeal:
If I lose that I’ll just move to Syria or Saudi Arabia, or some other country that respects free speech as much as Canada does.

Censorship.  It's coming.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Berkeley Shruggs

The latest casualty of a California city's minimum wage hike to $11/hour:  Berkeley's Black Oak Books. 

Been in business for 33 years, back when capitalism was still in style.


Fun on the Interwebs

They asked if I needed some help.

I said, "No, just browsing...

... browsing the Internet!"  


I'll be here all night.

Earl says do not play Peek-a-Die with Granny:

 The People's Cube reminds us that the agenda is unchanged, even if the walls fell.

Comrade Diogenes shares a comment from flooded Louisiana:  It's Okay Obama, We Got This...

In case you've been out of the loop, Louisiana has suffered a tremendous flood that has led to the evacuation of thousands of residents.  Obama has been playing golf while Louisiana residents accept the full burden of rescues and clean-up.  Story at CBS:
Despite calls for him to visit, President Obama is unlikely to break from a New England vacation to survey Louisiana flood damage. The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge on Wednesday called on Obama to visit “the most anguished state in the union.”

Related, this Katrina-themed image is moving fast through FB.  I do not approve of the language, reference to race, or the uncaring imagery, and I'm sure W. doesn't either.  But, if I don't share, I'm just as bad as those in the MSM, right?

This one is probably more appropriate, also found at FB:

English Russia has posted many photos from 70's/80's Soviet society titled: USSR: Photos of Last Five Year Plans.  Here are two I liked:

And last, FB Comrade D. shares this one.  The original Karl:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Book Review: Reconnaissance Man

Book Review: Reconnaissance Man, by Aaron Clarey, July 2016, 202 pages.

I read the paperback version of this book.  Review date: August 17, 2016.

Reconnaissance Man (RC) is Clarey at his finest.


Truth be told, becoming a “Reconnaissance Man” is a completely new idea and is simply the advice I’d give to my younger self were I to do it all over again.

Clarey merged his advice for young men with his love of travel and the outdoors in RC.  And he builds on his excellent advice books, Enjoy the Decline and Bachelor Pad Economics (links to my reviews).  RC also builds on his book, Worthless, which I have not read.


...while you can’t control other people or the environment, you can CHOOSE which environment and people you interact with.

His argument: K-12 and most 4-year degree programs do not prepare young adults for careers and career success.  Ideally before college, young adults should consider a series of reconnaissance trips over the course of 2 years or more, within the United States, to find exciting places to live.  Do the reconnaissance as he prescribes, with self-learning activities along the way, and the young adult will learn what career field(s) for which they are ideally suited.  Last, identifying the best places and career fields will, in turn, help the young adult learn more who he or she is.


...you will be well ahead of your peers in the game of life.

Embark on the Clarey Reconnaissance, and the young adult will avoid the “unrecoverable life regrets” that modern society and K-college is taking so many today.


In immediately going to college, as well as planting your roots in an area that is merely convenient, you almost guarantee you’ll be:
Living in an area you don’t want to.
Working a job you hate.
Constantly pining to do something else, elsewhere.
While tragically not even knowing what else is out there, so you don’t even know what you’re missing out on in the first place.

RC is a road-trip education book.  It is targeted to young adults 14 and up, with the opportune age being 14-16 when one can start planning and saving.  While he targets all young adults, I’d steer this more to young men as the recon trips will be adventurous, lonely, and both physically and emotionally demanding.  In truth, this book is for the 5% of that age group who have the courage and determination to embark on a 2-year, self-supervised and demanding assignment.

In addition to the concepts, Clarey helps the reader narrow their recon area with categories that include climate, taxes, outdoor activities and employment opportunities.  Even a teenager who reads RC yet never leaves the house will be better for it, as RC is an outline of priorities, advice and lessons learned.

If you know of any young adult 14 or over who has shown evidence of work ethic, follow-through and an independent streak, give them this book.  It may be the greatest gift they will ever receive.


Full disclosure: Clarey is a comrade, and I am a fan.

I’ve added RC to the Ushanka Library book list at the left.

You can buy RC at Amazon - here.

A Shakeup?

Check out NPR's headline today:

OMG!  A shakeup?!

I have so many questions!  Who got fired?  Is the Trump campaign in disarray?  Can it be salvaged by November 8th?  Should I vote Libertarian to feel good about myself?

Answers:  Nobody. No. N/A.  Don't be stupid.

This is journalism in 2016: the year of the death of the Democrat Party and their walking-dead nominee.

Consider the following:
If California had a 7.5 earthquake today, the MSM would have to report a 7.5 earthquake.  Right?

If a plane piloted by Muslims took out a skyscraper in New York City today, they'd have to report the lost tower and the reason (a plane).  Of course they'd tell us the details are fuzzy on who did it, or why, but everybody - and I mean everybody - has learned to see through that BS.
So how come the fiction when it comes to political news?

The Democrat Party nominee has not a single success in her past other than marrying a slippery politician, appears to break the law at every turn, has a trail of dead bodies as far as the eye can see, and is delinquent in using a walker.  Any one of these could drive major ad revenue and desperately needed credibility to the MSM outlet(s) that reported on it.  But instead, the MSM manufactures a "shake up" on the Republican side. 

So what is the "shake up?"
  • Manifort stays on as Campaign Chairman.
  • Trump hires Stephen Bannon as Chief Executive.
  • Trump promotes Kellyanne Conway to Campaign Manager.
 Keep trying MSM.

UPDATED 8.17.16 2pm:

Today's WSJ shares the groupthink:

And Trump team member, Michael Cohen, gives it back to CNN.  Good job.