Thursday, August 04, 2016

The UK Reaction to Terror: Too Little, Too Late

A Somali teen killed a 60 year old American woman last night on a London street, and stabbed 5 others.  It was an act of terror, regardless of what we're told.  This is from Drudge this morning:

This response tells me the UK still doesn't have a grip.  The response is inconsistent with the how they reacted after a similar knife attack in 2013.

Lee Rigby was beheaded on a London street back in May 2013.  A UK soldier murdered by a muslim.  The UK government did.... nothing.  (My post)

The skeptic in me says this over-reaction today is more to restore the longevity of politicians' careers than to protect any citizens.  Otherwise they would have reacted this way after Rigby was killed, with deportations rather than kevlar photo-ops.  The only difference: more citizens, perhaps a majority, have lost trust in their government.

The UK citizens are now well aware of the danger of open borders, thanks to the English Defence League, PEGIDA, and, yes, Donald J. Trump.  We know this because of the Brexit results.

But the London citizens also elected Sadiq Khan as their mayor.  How long will that last?  How many terror attacks will they suffer, then hear their muslim mayor say:
The safety of all Londoners is my number one priority and my heart goes out to the victims...

I urge all Londoners to remain calm and vigilant.
How many more attacks will they tolerate before they replace their mayor with a Brit?  And what will the picture on Drudge look like when the citizens decide, with or without their government, "no more"?

For an example of what "no more" looks like, see how the citizens have turned against the drug dealers in the Philippines (current).  Or, see Nicolae Ceausescu (1989).  

More at and DailyMail.

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Matt Bracken shared this on FB:

And WRSA shares this one:

UPDATED 5:40pm:

This is disconcerting. 

WZ:  UK’s Top Counter-Terror Cop Tells Britons To “Run Away” And “Hide” If ISIS Attacks London…  

I'll bet a Glorious Hat that this stupidity will invite more attacks in the UK this summer.

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