Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Election: The Racist Election

Without anything to run on, the Democrats will be turning up the racism talk in these last three months of the election season.  Watch for the Democrat Party's terrorist arm, KKK BLM, to ramp-up its efforts in coming weeks.

And, as you know, being white I am not allowed to participate in this debate.  So instead, I'll just post this stuff instead:
Vidmax: What it sounds like when a black man leaves the Democrat Party Plantation:

And Ol Remus linked to a great post on the subject by Traditional Right: The Year Racism Died.

The paragraph Ol Remus shared:
The reason why the radical Left uses terms like “racism” to isolate wrong-thinkers is because they know that when people are isolated, when they don’t believe anyone else around them believes as they do, they will often conform to what they perceive to be the dominant belief around them. There are a lot of people who are simply getting sick and tired of the whole “racism, etc.” racket. The key to breaking the power of the SJWs consists in continuing to red-pill those who are red-pillable at the demotic level, while building and/or strengthening our own alternative support sources–churches, mannerbunden, citizen militias, and the like.
I liked this part too:
An increasing number of white people are starting to not care about being tagged with it [charge of racism].  After all, within the past few weeks, we’ve found out or been reminded that you are racist for:
  • Disagreeing with Obama
  • Disagreeing with any other Democrat
  • Saying that “all lives matter”
  • Questioning any SJW narrative, even if race plays no role in it
  • Being a white guy with dreadlocks
  • Referring to chocolate-infused bread snacks as “brownies”
  • Pointing out that fake “hate crimes” committed by black or Jewish college students were…committed by black or Jewish college students
  • Refusing to rent your property to violent ex-felons
  • Opposing gun control
  • Supporting gun control if it means young black males won’t get to own guns
  • Being born white
It’s rather apparent why nobody with any sense takes charges of  “racism” seriously anymore.

If only I could participate in this debate, I would comment on how much it would suck to be a black conservative in America these days.  I doubt my interal-enemy traits, such as Christian, gun-owner, heterosexual, or white guy would compare in the area of courage as that of a black American standing alone for conservative traditional family values and/or religious values.

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