Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cartoon of the Day

From a FB Comrade:

This got me a think'in...

If Hillary loses, she'll feel compelled to say what all Democrats say when they lose: "We didn't get our message out."

That is partially true.  Her public and PR appearance schedule is similar to Fidel Castro's, and her policy proposals are a bare minimum.  Her supporters would vote for her if she promised to do nothing, because "nothing" would mean four more years of free stuff and a blind eye towards crimes and degenerate behavior.

But isn't her 'message' getting out with all these hacked leaks?

Thousands of emails and files - Hillary's home server, DNC, Clinton Foundation, and Hillary campaign.  Sure, some vulnerabilities had to be dealt with, as we all know you have to crack some eggs to make an omelette.  But the risks are different. Some anonymous hacker over in BFE isn't as worried about his safety as the former DNC staffers who've recently turned up cold.  And while a staffer may have some troubling information on a single subject, the hacker can grab files across many subjects.  By the thousands.  And has.

If Hillary loses in November, she will have to admit: "We didn't keep our message in."

U/T: Wikileaks

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