Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cincinnati - In the Lead Again!


My home town of Cincinnati, in John Kasich's Ohio, already made the top ten list of murder citiesJust last month we beat Chicago, a city 11x larger than ours, in shootings and murders.

Today we have a new claim to fame:  The Most Heroin OD's in a single day!

Huntington WV reported 26 OD's in one day just a week ago.  Huntington averages 25-30 OD's a month - 3x their state-wide average.  They met their quote in one day in August 2016.

Not to be outdone, Cincinnati announced 30 Heroin OD's on Tuesday night, and the count is now at 50 in less than two days.  

ABC has the story:
Police suspect a batch of heroin mixed with fentanyl, carfentanil or even rat poison may be to blame for the wave of overdoses. 

Each of these ingredients is known to produce a greater high and a greater risk of overdose and death than pure heroin, said WCPO.
Nearly all are surviving, giving the rest of us the opportunity to continue to pay for their health care, rehab, food, housing, etc.

But that's not all.  Cincinnati law enforcement is spending more on resources to:
protect citizens from drug users,
deter people from using drugs,
investigate the source of this tainted Heroin. 
This is the "Change" part of "Hope and Change."  And Cincinnati is fast becoming the next Detroit.

UPDATED 20 minutes later:

Cincinnati's OD count is now at 60.

UPDATED 1 hour later:

CNN has a post explaining the new use of large animal tranquilizers (carfentanil) in heroin.  They also mention a similar outbreak here in Cincinnati a month ago.


Total for two days: 78, with three dead.

The editorial staff at the Cincinnati Enquirer call on Hamilton County officials to spend more money. Which is code for "tax Karl more." They must have a word limit at the Enquirer because they don't mention a single example of when that has ever worked.

Perhaps the President of the Philippines has an idea.  Perhaps it is worth a try.  You know: "for the children."

UPDATED 8.27.16 11am:

USA Today says the total overdoses exceed 225 in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

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