Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Shakeup?

Check out NPR's headline today:

OMG!  A shakeup?!

I have so many questions!  Who got fired?  Is the Trump campaign in disarray?  Can it be salvaged by November 8th?  Should I vote Libertarian to feel good about myself?

Answers:  Nobody. No. N/A.  Don't be stupid.

This is journalism in 2016: the year of the death of the Democrat Party and their walking-dead nominee.

Consider the following:
If California had a 7.5 earthquake today, the MSM would have to report a 7.5 earthquake.  Right?

If a plane piloted by Muslims took out a skyscraper in New York City today, they'd have to report the lost tower and the reason (a plane).  Of course they'd tell us the details are fuzzy on who did it, or why, but everybody - and I mean everybody - has learned to see through that BS.
So how come the fiction when it comes to political news?

The Democrat Party nominee has not a single success in her past other than marrying a slippery politician, appears to break the law at every turn, has a trail of dead bodies as far as the eye can see, and is delinquent in using a walker.  Any one of these could drive major ad revenue and desperately needed credibility to the MSM outlet(s) that reported on it.  But instead, the MSM manufactures a "shake up" on the Republican side. 

So what is the "shake up?"
  • Manifort stays on as Campaign Chairman.
  • Trump hires Stephen Bannon as Chief Executive.
  • Trump promotes Kellyanne Conway to Campaign Manager.
 Keep trying MSM.

UPDATED 8.17.16 2pm:

Today's WSJ shares the groupthink:

And Trump team member, Michael Cohen, gives it back to CNN.  Good job.

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