Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump - Clinton Comparison

Remember the Ushanka GOP Rankings Reports that compared the 17 GOP Primary Candidates based on their policy plans?  My reports cut through the noise of 'who is more conservative,' and instead answered the question, 'whose stated policies are most conservative?'  More importantly, my reports were welcome objective analysis that exposed and countered the intellectual fraud spewed by the Bitter Cruzinger and NeverTrump movements.

The last GOP Rankings Report was posted in mid-March.  Seems so long ago.

ZH shares a similar comparison of Trump and Clinton based on their actual policy proposals.  No noise.  No shenanigans.  Just a single-page, side-by-side comparison.  Here is a sample:

Click here to see the full document.

And check out the comments about the two candidates at the link too!

On Hillary:
Trustworthiness:  Voters prefer a candidate whose backpedaling and flip-flopping on issues seems less calculated and strategic.
On Trump, a supporter explains:
“Look, I’ve backed Trump since the day he announced his candidacy, I put up a Trump sign in my yard back in January, and I regularly repeat the phrase that we need to ‘make America great again’—do you honestly believe a long, serious discussion of policy is going to make me any less excited about him?” said 58-year-old voter Vivian Hewitt of Derry, NH. “You can put together whatever platform you think will best address the concerns of people like me, but I’m telling you, it’s not going to work. It hasn’t worked for the past year, and it won’t work between now and November."

“So give it a rest, okay?” she added.

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