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#NeverTrump UPDATED and BUMPED

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Again, I assume my fellow conservatives share the same values.  And again, many of them have proven me wrong.

Apparently there are "conservatives" out there who will not vote for Trump if he is the GOP nominee.  Thus a vote for Hillary.  Worse, these "conservatives" are encouraging others to do the same.

I can't get my head around this, so I'll just share the Internet trail I just hiked, where I stepped in the human waste that is #NeverTrump.  These are Bitter Cruzingers, squared.  In fact, two on my Bitter Cruzinger list are mentioned: Dave from Moonbattery and Erick Erickson from somewhere else.

It starts with a FB Comrade, a Glorious Hat owner who I've met two times out West.  He is a level-headed guy who has a good eye for crazy.  His comment on FB:
People are getting nutso. I imagine this is what it was like during the Civil War.  Same kind of behavior the history books tell about - people going off on each other - vicious stuff.
He linked to this IOTW thread.  Wow.  Menderman, another FB comrade, goes full Bitter Cruzinger there, and things get personal.  And I see for the first time: #NeverTrump.

#NeverTrump was apparently started by a "conservative" by the name of Dan Joseph (Twitter).  Never heard of him.  He started the website where you can "declare 'I will not vote for Trump'" pledge your support for Hillary.

Here is the #NeverTrump Twitter page, where you'll recognize several names, such as author Brad Thor, Communist Van Jones, Mona Charen, Jim Treacher, National Review, and Planned Parenthood.

A new standard definition of "Conservative" is sorely needed.  Cruz and Rubio supporters, Kasich and Carson supporters, and Trump supporters all say the same thing: "My candidate is the true conservative." And everyone means it.  In the absence of a single definition, stupid people like Dan Joseph get stupid ideas like #NeverTrump, and then we all look stupid when Hillary takes her oath in January.

I think I realize now what I did to stay out of this, and it wasn't even on purpose.  I don't have a Twitter account so I don't see all the crazy that is happening at the speed of light.  I hit the blogs listed at the left here once or twice a day to get my information.  The result: I'm informed, yet relaxed.

I'll leave this comment from the original IOTW thread.  In all that noise, this stood out as reasoned,  and quite personal:
Jerry Manderin
March 2, 2016 at 12:59 am

Hillary doesn’t want people to vote for Trump so she can have a better chance at winning the presidency. It’s really not more complicated than that. Why take that chance?

Imagine it’s 1992-2000 all over again only it’s worse. MUCH worse.

All my life I’ve heard, “Get $$$$$, special interests, lobbyists, cronyism, blah blah blah out of politics.” Along comes a guy who does JUST THAT and certain folks hate him for it? I understand people’s trepidation just because we’ve been burned so many times but like William F. Buckley said, “Elect the most conservative that can WIN (I hope I got that right).” Trump is that guy.

You’re not going to be able to turn this country around next election. Too much ground would be lost. Trump pisses off all the right people. Just admit it. And he took Guaca Bowle Jeb! out single-handedly. Imagine what he’ll do to Lindsay Graham, John McStain, Paul Ryan, and the rest of those establishment mommyfarkers. I don’t care if you don’t like Trump. But vote for Hillary in absentia?!?! You’re smarter than that. 

The last 7 years have been a personal unsteady employment HELL for me and my wife. Thank God my kids are young enough not to know the pain their Dad has gone through with what seems like day after day. Just last night I took ’em out to Toys-R-Us to buy them a gift with some extra tax money. I haven’t been able to do that in moons and I was able to buy them something more for once than just a fucking action figure. Trump knows his business. You think Hillary is gonna afford me the chance to buy a new home again for The Manderin Family? Not on your life.

I hope there are enough broken men (and women) out there in the United States of America just like me to catapult Donald J. Trump into The White House because that brash son of a bitch is the only shot we have right now, like it or not.

UPDATED 3.3.16 7:30am:

Ol Remus always says it better.  Here he responds to The Federalist blog and their #NeverTrump stupidity:

UPDATED and BUMPED 4.9.16:

Radio host, Mark Levin, criticized the #NeverTrump crowd earlier this week.  I thought that was a smart move for Mark.  Perhaps he realized he was trading his credibility for short term gains among the unhinged.

Then he joined them!  GP has the story.

The Bitter Cruzingers and their extreme #NeverTrumpers both claim to be conservatives but look and act more and more like liberals.  They pout.  They agitate.  They insult their opponents.  They are quick to find fault with other candidates but don't offer a single quantifiable reason so support theirs.  And in Levin's case, they want it both ways.

Oh, and they profit BIG from their Trump protests!  For example, Erick Erickson is getting $3 million for his phony #NeverTrump petulance.  DC has that story.

Luckily for me, I have not [yet] been presented with the either-or proposition: make money or keep my credibility.  I'd like to think I was under consideration for a big fat GOPe check, but they decided they'd be wasting their time.

UPDATED 4.13.16 10pm:

REPUBLICAN delegate, Rina Bharara, announces she will vote for Hillary over Trump.  GP has the story.

UPDATED 5.5.16:

Trump calls it!

UPDATED and BUMPED 6.3.16 1:30pm:

Comrade Wild Bill explains what is on the line:

UPDATED 6.30.16:

George Will joins the #NeverTrumps.

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