Sunday, June 12, 2016

And.... It's Islam

Over 50 dead in Florida today.  But that's not the reason for this post.

Did you hear about the Muslim with the AK in my home town of Cincinnati last Thursday night?  Of course you didn't, because it didn't make the national news.

Less than 5 miles from the Glorious Hat factory, Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui, 19, shot a sheriff's deputy and another man, and had the cops looking for him for 7 hours.  They finally caught him and he is in custody, and both of the wounded are ok.

Fact: Mohammed.  Fact: AK-47.  Fact: Violent.  Suspected:  ISIS Sleeper.

Or do all 19 year old Muslims have AK's?

My guess: he was one of the thousands of sleepers in the US.  He just lost control in a domestic dispute.  He didn't wait for a signal as his brothers-in-arms did in San Bernardino or Orlando.

You see, under Obama, our Homeland Security has decided to track suspected terrorists in the nation rather than deport them, or disarm and harass them.
The logic is: We can track them and discover their networks and see the broader picture.

The reality #1: This is a proposal from the lazy.
The reality #2: As the numbers have increased, tracking has become burdensome.  

The strategy to watch your enemy comes from the recent successes on the battlefield.  Military Intelligence did just that in Iraq and Afghanistan, and used it to find Saddam, Osama and other enemy leaders.  The problem here is, we have enemy soldiers in the US, not leaders.  And our targets here are increasing beyond our capabilities to track, whereas the targets in the theater were finite and shrinking.  (The Orlando shooter was visited twice by the FBI)  Third, there is NO comparison to attention to detail and dedication between our military men and women and their chain of command and the typical government civilian or operation.

As to laziness, it is easier to monitor someone's FB account than it is to kick their door in and put them on a plane back to Pakistan.  Worse, this strategy has been compounded by internal inefficiencies at the FBI like turnover, affirmative action and the continuous lowering of standards.
WZ: Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom In November: FBI Doesn’t Have Enough People To Track Terrorist Suspects, By Thousands…
Hence a 19 year old punk shooting at cops near my home last week, and 50+ dead in Orlando this morning.  I suspect we will see an exciting summer ahead.

For more on Islam, and to get an idea of what is coming in the near future, read Matt Bracken's recent essays:
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And read Caliphate, by Tom Kratman to see how this plays out over the next 100 years.

Sources for Cincinnati Muslim shooting:

UPDATED 5mins later:

Matt Bracken shared this on FB. 

How's that solidarity working for ya?

UPDATED 6.15.16 1:30pm:


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B said...

The deadliest mass shooting in US history is an Islamic terror attack carried out by a registered Democrat. ‪#‎Orlando‬

I think Waco was a deadlier attack......