Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Warnings Were True

The warnings were true about Socialism, but the voters in Venezuela didn't listen.  They weighed the 'promised' benefits of Socialism with the costs, and Socialism came out ahead.

Americans have that exact same choice in November.  Remember the ol joke:
Q:  What is the difference between Venezuela and the United States?

A: About ten years.
ZH shows us what the equivalent of what $25US looks like there:

And this is their tap water:

But maybe these photos are not enough.

Maybe the only way to truly appreciate Socialism is to see what that wad of cash will buy when the stores can't stock their shelves.

Maybe a Bernie supporter would have to drink that water every day for a month, and suffer the health effects from it too, before they figured out envy and resentment have never led to prosperity and higher living standards.

The voters selected this in Venezuela.  It is the voters' problem to fix.

UPDATED 6.3.16 12:30pm:

Comrade Matt Bracken shares this video of Antonietta Ledezma.  Yesterday she received the Geneva Human Rights Award on behalf of her father, Antonio Ledezma. 

Antonio was mayor of Caracas until he was arrested in 2015.  He is still a political prisoner in Venezuela.

For the Bernie fans who mistakenly find this post, let me explain it to you in Bernie-speak: 
That bad tap water and those empty shelves at the grocery store are due to internal enemies within the outdated bourgeois elements.  They want you to suffer, and will continue to make you suffer until they can be caught and put on trial.
 Got it?

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