Monday, June 20, 2016

Censorship - The DOJ Gets Into the Game

It isn't just social media that is silencing conservative thought.  They aren't the only ones threatened by Donald J. Trump.

Like cockroaches fearing the kitchen light, in November many are set to lose the dark in their careers (NeverTrump and Bitter Cruzingers), in their influence (GOPe, political consultants on both sides, etc.), in their power (Democrats), in their access (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and in their scams (Clinton Foundation, Clinton Email server, Clinton Machine, etc.).

Loretta Lynch, the new commissar of the Dept. of Justice wants to redact words from the Orlando massacre like "Allah," and "Islamic State."  Here is FoxNews reading the DOJ transcript, where "Allah" is changed to "God," and "Islamic State" and "ISIS" are omitted.

Apparently, she has reversed herself.  But now the waters have been tested.  She has dipped her toe in and there were zero calls for her resignation or impeachment from the congressional Republican majorities.  Zero.  Watch for more, bolder censorship in the near future. 

All part of the slippery slope.  Eight years ago there'd be a loud outcry at the failure of the FBI to take serious a man who was reported to them more than once for radical language and behavior.  From co-workers both civilian AND police.  We have new standards now, and if the FBI drops the ball and 49 get murdered in the name of God Allah, that's OK so long as the FBI comes out afterwards talking tough and stepping on the liberties of non-Muslim citizens.

November is coming fast and censorship is the latest attempt from the most desperate.  Two weeks ago it was Facebook and Twitter.  Today it is the DOJ.  Tomorrow?

Where do you draw the line?

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Comrade Matt Bracken has posted his 4th and last installment of his short story, Piss Christ?  Piss Koran!.

I have copied all four parts into a Google Doc for easy formatting and reading, and to maintain a copy in the event of a government bent on silencing unpopular thought.

You can see it here.

UPDATED 6.21.16 11am:

FB Comrade Leonard suggests this is how Obama and his DOJ would handle 9-11 if it were to happen today. 

Yes.  They think we're than stupid.

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