Friday, June 03, 2016

San Jose

Trump visited San Jose yesterday.

Some Liberals Progressives Communists attended too.  Just the ones who had the day off from work.

I'll post more on this, in full, shortly.  Until then, I wanted to share this summary video of yesterday's events:

You'll be glad to know that not a single San Jose police officer was hurt yesterday....

UPDATED 6.5.16 2pm:

I'll let this Conservative Firing Line headline say what needs to be said: San Jose police concerned that protecting Trump supporters would further inflame socialist mob.

Warning - many ads at that site.

And RedState NeverTrumper Neil Stevens contributes to the anti-Trump violence from the safety of his keyboard:

Keep blaming Trump, losers.  There are too many of us who know better and who are not susceptible to these amateur attempts of thought manipulation.

UPDATED 6.6.16 6pm:

I saw this on the net.  This could explain why mob-violence videos from San Jose resemble scenes from 3rd World cities like Mogadishu, Tehran or Paris.

UPDATED 6.7.16 9pm:

Earl shares a montage:

Scooter reports an unexpected and massive drop in crime in San Jose.


Five days after the violent attacks in San Jose, four are arrested. SFGate.

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