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Comrade Andrea Shea-King, a Florida resident, on FB:
The deadliest mass shooting in US history is an Islamic terror attack carried out by a registered Democrat. ‪#‎Orlando‬
The shooter's father says his boy doesn't like seeing two men kiss.  My father could say the same about me.  The good news for the shooter: men don't kiss where he is going.

A FB comrade shared this Dixon Diaz cartoon over a month ago.  Brilliant, and perfect for today.

It'll take a few days for the Democrat gays to rationalize the actions of the Democrat Muslim.  But it'll happen, and then somehow it'll be my fault again.

I'll add more later...

UPDATED 2:30pm:

Our dear leader spoke read from a teleprompter.  Here are some reactions from FB Comrades:

Obama just finished a totally emotionless, heartless statement that made it seem like he was thinking, "Now where are my golf clubs?"
Obama press conference ... no mention of potential motivation ... connection with Islam.
Yep. Another political agenda speech masked as sympathy for the victims.

Of the two choices for President this November, only one has suggested a halt to Muslim immigration.  

(The Hillary tweet above is from a year ago.  The Trump comments are from this morning.)


From a secret place on FB, where I get most of my news:
K: I'm just watching my social media blow up with people screaming hate crime and "assault rifles" need to be banned etc. then I come here and see you fuckers keeping it level headed and taking it in stride. Proud of you fuckheads, keep it up.

E: Okay what I just saw on ABC news. Omar Mateen between 2 and 5 am...made a 911 call pledging allegiance to isis and allah and also payed homage to the brothers that were responsible for the Boston bombings. Hmmm..*scratches head. If this isn't Islamic terrorism then shoot me in the foot. And on a side note, Obama just gave a speech calling it an act of terror, but not necessarily Islamic terrorism...smh. something is definitely wrong here

K: Yeah, the shithead was warped and is going to be a wonderful scapegoat for antigunners and the drama queens in the LGBT community who will use this as an example of how America hates gays etc. It's good cover and since people as a whole tend to allow the media to herd them in the most politically expedient direction I wouldn't be surprised to see this bring on a whole new wave of assaults on the 2nd amendment and individual liberties. It's pretty much in the political playbook for every budding Democrat, liberal and cuckservative.
And Comrade Andrea shares something she saw on Twitter:
Let's see. Beat his wife every day. Talked about ISIS support openly. Muslim. Afghan parents. Anchor baby. If I was scoring this one...
And then their is this:

Glenn has a suggestion for Democrats:
OMAR MATEEN, THE FLORIDA CLUB SHOOTER, was a registered Democrat, Howie Carr reports. Democrats need to purge themselves of this anti-gay hate.
I agree.

UPDATED 9:30pm:

FB Comrades are reporting MSM attempts to distract from political affiliation and ISIS link:
CNN is saying it was "mental illness."
MSNBC is saying it was "steroids."
UPDATED 6.13.16 4:45pm:

If this connection between the Democrat Party Nominee and the killer is true....
InfoWars:  Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. shut down an investigation into the mosque Orlando killer Omar Mir Siddique Mateen attended because it “unfairly singled out Muslims.”
More gems:

UPDATED 6.14.16 9am:

The NY Post presents evidence that the ISIS killer, Omar Mateen, was gay.  His friends knew it. His ex-wife knew it.  His Dad knew it.
The former classmate said he would hang out with Mateen, hitting gay bars after attending class at Indian River Community College police academy in 2006 — and one time Mateen asked him out “romantically,” according to the Palm Beach Post.

“We went to a few gay bars with him, and I was not out at the time, so I declined his offer,” the former classmate told the paper.
This is a major head-scratcher for the Democrats:

How can the 2nd worst terrorist attack in the US 
be tied to the Republicans?

UPDATED 6.14.16 10:30:

Karl Denninger addresses the 3 hour police response in  You MUST Change Your Attitude.
...the radio call to the cops from dispatch has been published.  The cops were told to take cover and not storm the building immediately despite knowing there was a man with a gun inside the building actively shooting people -- and they did exactly that, waiting hours while people who had been shot were bleeding out on the floor.

READ THIS CAREFULLY FOLKS: The cops, with overwhelming force that they demand the right to possess and use at their whim while at the same time they refuse to allow you to have and possess defensive firepower on your person in the very same situation and place, cowered outside in fear and let the patrons who had been shot and were being shot die.
UPDATED 6.14.16 12:30pm:

It may be illegal to post an image like this in the near future...

UPDATED 6.14.16 2pm:

Comrade Bracken links to this NBC story.  Apparently the killer's wife drove him to the club that night, and was also present when he bought guns and ammunition.  Interesting.

For the record:  the last time my wife joined me on a gun purchase was in 1987.  I've found it to be better for the relationship if those purchases are done alone.  Of course, unlike achmed and his fellow goat-humpers, I plan to be around for a while.

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