Friday, January 25, 2013

Article: The Original Green Movement

Our latest article is published at

It is a story of an armed insurgency in early Soviet Russia, with lessons
and parallels to today's gun debate.

Article Goals:

Guns are the difference between freedom and slavery.

We have the benefit of history.  The Tambov peasants did not.

War fatigue will kill a counter-revolutionary movement.

Aleksandr Antonov is a name we should all know.


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Article: The Tambov Revolt (1920-1921), by Seth Singleton, 1966.

Book:  The Unknown Civil War in Soviet Russia, by Oliver H. Radkey, 1976, 419 pages.

Book:  Bandits and Partisans, by Erik C. Landis, 2008, 285 pages.


UPDATED 2.6.13:


In our rush to get our article out to the masses, we didn't catch a gross error.  We referenced several books and authors at the beginning of the article.  Instead of naming Robert Conquest, we - or hopefully our spell check - typed Robert Conrad.

The photo above is Robert Conrad.  He played in a childhood favorite of ours in the TV show, Wild Wild West.  No doubt he hated commies then as much as we do now, and hopefully no offense taken by the esteemed author, Robert Conquest.

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