Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gun Control - Week 2

Here comes another week of gun control noise.

Not that we are ignoring the noise, or discounting it.  We are sending letters to our congressman and two senators in tomorrow's mail.  We've written politicians before, but can't remember when or why.  If others are doing their part, as all should be, then DC will grind to a halt in the coming days from the mail overload.  That's our 'hope' in this new world of 'hope and change.'

Here are some items floating through the interwebz today:

Found at Knuckledraggin My Life Away.  It is worth the hour!

Bob Owens:

I’ve done a lot more research (and considerable praying that I’ll turn out to be wrong) in recent days, based upon both history and evolving current realities.

The situation isn’t as bad as we’ve feared it might be. It’s far, far worse.

If the statists push through with their plan, we’re possibly looking into a nation of a thousand Sarajevos and Groznys where a war will rip this nation to shreds and cause a horror from which we may never recover.

If you aren’t familiar with these analogies, allow me a moment to explain.


There is nothing so deadly and desperate as cornered tyrants, as the battered people of Syria would tell you right now if they weren’t trapped between Bashir Assad’s government forces and the al Qaeda-aligned militants supplied by Barack Obama’s Administration and the late ambassador Chris Stevens.

If you think that couldn’t or wouldn’t happen here, I direct you to the complaints department led by the ghost of Vickie Weaver and the children that burned to death in the Branch Davidian compound in Waco under the last Democrat President, who was far less radical and divisive that the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Click over to see Bob's two words of advice.

The D.C. Closeline Blog:  If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?

Do you agree?

Hat owner and gun-blogger Tam:

How does gun registration do a single thing to curb gun violence?

If I write down my name and address and my gun's serial number on a 3x5" index card and hand it to you, how can you use that index card to keep me from shooting somebody, other than maybe waving it in my face in an attempt to throw off my aim?

Gun registration does nothing... can do nothing... to curb gun violence. All it can do is tell you who the gun belonged to at some point in in the past, should you happen to find it dropped at the murder scene, next to the cooling body.

At best it's a placebo to the perpetually fearful, while at worst (and historically it's nearly always been worst) it's a prelude to confiscation.

A conversation with a FB Comrade today:

Oleg, on the Ethics of Gun Control:

Gun control pushers already advocate using deadly force against tens of millions of people whose only crime is peacefully possessing something the rulers do not like.

With the actions of a few criminals and psychopaths held up as their excuse, they propose victimizing tens of millions of people who are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Like muggers and rapists, gun control pushers rationalize their actions by blaming the victims.

Is Senator Feinstein's response to the image above to ban lists?

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