Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well Played


Create a bunch of rules about buying cough medicine and alcohol that hurt those who weren't misusing the products in the first place.


Refer to the burdens created by your rules to advance more rules on people who are not causing the problems that your rules are meant to stop.

California politician Nancy Skinner via NBC:

“2,800 people in California were killed last year by gunfire," Skinner said. "It is easier to buy bullets than cough medicine or alcohol. It should not be that easy. We need to have much more scrutiny when it comes to the purchase of guns."

Well played, libs!

Tyranny: it takes time, effort and patience.

BTW, we call it "ammo."

UPDATED 5 minutes later:

FB Comrade MJ posted this video.  Could this be Nancy Skinner?


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