Monday, January 21, 2013

He Prefers the Sickle

When Liberals Progressives Communists scoff at our references to our dear leader as a communist-inspired president, they have history on their side.  Sort of.

You see, Obama is no communist if you're talking Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Stalin, Che or Castro.  And he is definitely not a Pol Pot.  The killing isn't happening here in the US.  Some might qualify that last sentence with "yet," but we digress.

Back to the comparisons.  Lenin favored the worker.  It was a "workers revolution" in 1917 Russia, not the peasant revolution that Marx predicted.  The peasant was expected to deliver the same crops as he did under the Tsars, but for free.  "For the greater good," so to speak.  This didn't happen as planned, but the propaganda always included the peasant in the revolution, hence the Sickle is part of the communist symbol.

You could say the peasant was included in Lenin's revolution in the same spirit "Unity" was mentioned in today's inauguration speech.

We would argue that Obama has favored the farmer so far.  Not that he's done anything to help the farmers, especially the small, family owned farms.  And he hasn't acted on his dream of 'fixing' the nation's food distribution process.  Yet.  But since he has put so many workers out of work, the farms compare quite nicely.

So after one term in office, we'd would have to argue that he likes the Sickle over the Hammer.  But don't ask him.  Like any parent of two or more children, he'll say he loves all equally, as he should.  Because that is fair.

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