Monday, December 29, 2008

Pundit wants to be sportswriter...

Touchdown Israel!

Deep in the fourth quarter, the Israelis come back with "the bomb". After three and a half quarters of punishing Gaza runs up the field, it appeared the Israelis defense was, after all, just talk. It was if the Gazan offensive players were mowing through the Israeli fans, targeting the weak and defenseless rather than playing their equals on the Israeli team.

The Gazans followed their playbook to a tee, and repeated ad nauseam: the "rocket barrage" play followed by the confusing "cease fire" and "run to the UN" plays. The Israeli defenses were disoriented, with seemingly no leadership on the field. "At what point do we decide to defend?", an unnamed teammate lamented.

Then, in this fourth quarter, the urgency returned to the home team. Realizing their backup QB, a man with the middle name of Hussein, was going to fail them worse, the need to act was now. And act they did. The touchdown run resulted in numerous injuries in the Gaza defense. The Gazans cleared the field of play...

...and are taunting the Israelis to go for the two point conversion.

Here is hoping the Israelis comply.

There is no clock on the field. It will come down to one team deciding to win.

Pictures from Reuters, whose staff miraculously escaped injury...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We're back!

It was a long move from a state that will soon have a 13% income tax to a state that is in the process of lowering their income tax - currently around 6%. Our thanks to the loyal visitors for their patience!