Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to Ushanka's comrades this year. 

I am with family and friends today as I hope you are.

Blogging will be back to normal on Monday. 

If you have time this weekend and are looking for a good book, check out the books listed along the left in the Ushanka Library. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

No blogging - been busy

2-for-1 hat sale is still going.  The ommpa-loompas are working overtime in the hat factory.

Please visit the bloggers in the blogroll.  Smart people over there!

And, as a bonus, Captain Capitalism has published four videos in the past couple days while wearing his Commie Obama hat.  He is a big fan, and you should be too!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hammer and Sickle Watch

You don't have to have your health insurance policy cancelled to notice the new symbol in use.  Soon it'll be in our courthouses where the ten commandments used to be. 

If you're like me, you see it around every corner, and in every Starbucks. 

One of the smarter libs once asked me why my Obama hat had a Hammer and Sickle.  (I was at a liberal rally so he wasn't sure if I was friend or foe.)  I replied: "It is the symbol of the worker.  You're not against the workers, are you?"

Here are two I found today:

Hat owner and comrade Diann posted this at ATRS:

And 90 Miles posted this one:

Meme of the Day - Ferguson

on FB, in response to Gateway Pundit's title: CAUGHT ON TAPE: Ferguson Activists Discuss Plans to Target White Areas (Video)

Anyone else notice the noise to action ratio out of Ferguson has been about 9.8:1 since that thug got capped after his robbery and assault?

IF the wanna-be bolsheviks do anything, it'll remain in commercial areas where they, the protesters,  receive police protection.  And I doubt much will happen.  The temperatures are too extreme, and there is nothing to gain.  The EBT balance will be the same the next day whether one riots or sleeps in.

Nothing can save them if they venture into residential areas where the residents pay their own mortgage.  Sorry libs, race has nothing to do with it.  It all comes down to private property and 00 buck. 


Unless you've been busy trying to sign up for ObamaCare these past couple weeks, you already know about Jonathan Gruber.

You already know he was the key consultant and architect of the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.  He conspired with Nancy Pelosi, Obama and others to get it passed.  He earned over $4,000,000 in consulting fees, paid for by taxpayers.

Gruber says they took advantage of "stupid voters" when they marketed the bill.
Ok if we blame this stupidity you speak of on government run public schools?

Gruber obviously believes they needed stupid voters to get their bill passed.  What I haven't seen anyone explore yet is: which voters are the stupid ones?
Democrats all agree that he meant the Republican voters are stupid.
Republicans all agree that he meant Democrats.
And all agree that at one time or another we all have said the same thing of voters.
 We need to dig deeper.  

Passing ObamaCare came down to Senator Mary Landrieu's vote.  It came down to the Senate.  The blue and red squares below represent all the senate votes for the bill:

Democrats wanted the bill passed.
Gruber confirms they had to get enough stupid people to vote for it.
Stupid people elected enough Democrats to pass the bill.
The bill passed with only Democrat votes.

Why does it seem only conservatives are upset at Gruber's remarks?

Why aren't Democrats furious that they are being called "stupid" by Democrat consultants?

Senator Landrieu will be in a runoff election on December 4th.  We'll see then how those stupid voters in Louisiana decide...

Still not convinced?  

Check out my Commie Obama Hat GiveAway videos from Dayton and Cincinnati.   

Warning: These videos will hurt your brain.


Check out this excellent 2-min video on the subject, via ZH:

Monday, November 17, 2014

This Christmas: Give the Gift That Keeps On Taking

We'll be shipping TWO Commie Obama hats for every order through the end of this month!

This is the time to redistribute huge savings to the proletariat masses!

For the sarcastic conservative who has everything!  For the greater good!

The Stocking Stuffer of the [5] Year [Plan]!

We will ship TWO hats for every Commie Obama Hat order through the end of the month.

Every hat will come with all available 2-sided placards: Obama 08/Hillary 08, DNC 2010/Obama-Biden, DNC 2012/Obama, and the current placard FORWARD/OBAMA.

Thanks for the links!  Western Rifle ("full bolshie" is hilarious!), Captain Capitalism, Middle of the Right.  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Could it be....? ISLAM!!

A tribute post to the church lady.

No, not this one.

This one.

We don't know her name (yet).  That is probably a good thing. 

We do know that her bravery is rare today, and deserves to be recognized in a tribute post.

You don't have to be a Christian to understand her passion.  This is someone who speaks when she sees something wrong.

You don't have to be an American to understand her courage.  Nearly all countries have suffered from Islam.

But you have to be a moron (Muslim, Liberal, etc.) not to understand the significance of her protest.  It was timely.  It was respectful.  It was lucid.  It was the protest of a leader.  It set a standard.

Pamella Geller has the video, and plenty to say: Christian Woman Praying to Christ Ejected from MUSLIM Prayers at National Cathedral

In light of all that, and the ongoing and escalating Muslim persecution of Christians worldwide, wouldn’t it have been more appropriate, so as to promote love, respect and understanding and all that, to have Christian prayers in a mosque? After all, it is Muslims who are persecuting Christians worldwide, and the National Cathedral decides to show its good will and love for Muslims by inviting Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front groups to pray there.
Related:  MoonBattery posted this image today.

And from our archives:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Newspeak Word of the Day: Shield

Via Google News:

SHIELD:  Market tested to appeal to those who have attended public school.

The failures of the main stream media:
No mention that each of the 5m is a criminal.
No mention that nearly all will be tax-receivers.
No mention that this is a negotiating ploy by the side that lost the recent election.
No mention of majority public opposition.
No curiosity of how an illegal gets into the 5m.
No curiosity of what happens to those outside the 5m.
No curiosity of the Constitution or the role of Congress.
No curiosity of how quickly these 5m will be allowed to vote.
No acknowledgement that these 5m are intended to vote Democrat.
 They decide on the language.  If it were us, you'd be reading a post on the word "complicit."

Quote of the Day

UFP News reports WA gun owners will not comply with new law I-594, via Western Rifle:
We will rally at the capitol, openly exchange guns, unveil and plan to break apart the entire legislation and violate I-594 in every possible way … We will buy and sell guns from whom we please, we will not submit to background checks, we will not give up our rights, WE WILL NOT comply.
Bravo.  Ushanka Tips all around!

Article: Ebola is not the Danger

I've posted my latest article:

It is more a statement on our culture than it is about the disease.

I hope you enjoy, and I'd appreciate your feedback.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

An Ushanka Tip and Salute to you all.

Know who that is in the raft?

Know this guy?

How about this guy?

Their names are posted in the comments.

The Answer is "No"

No, our dear leader did not get his purple Mao suit from the Commie Obama store.

We only cater to the discerning hat market.

Our hat would have looked good with the Mao outfit....

Comrade Diann, from ATRS, shared this on FB today:


UPDATED 11.12.14 noon:

Speaking of Mao...  I just found this at Western Rifle:

I'm starting to think I'm not the only one drawing comparisons with the hammer golf club and sickle crowd.

Charts of the Day

I'm feeling extra liberal today, so I gave both charts First Place for Chart of the Day.

MoonBattery shares three charts of political donor data.  This one is of media donations to political parties and groups:

SHTFDashboard - Today's Ebola Watch:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Net Neutrality - No Thanks

The dear leader is pushing Net Neutrality.  It is nothing short of regulating the Internet.  I could explain it if full, but after six years we all know his motivations: control, redistribution, and silencing critics.  Net Neutrality provides all of the above.  And we've learned to listen closely to his words.  Only Liberals Progressives Communists will appreciate the word, "Legal" in this sentence:
No blocking. If a consumer requests access to a website or service, and the content is legal, your ISP should not be permitted to block it. That way, every player — not just those commercially affiliated with an ISP — gets a fair shot at your business.
What if my "business" is to criticize and mock the dear leader and his ideology?  What if I use my site to inform Americans of a contagious disease because the lazy government workers hired to protect us are on break?  Is that legal?

Drudge links to this CNET article.

ZH has a post too.  Here are some selected comments:
We have to kill it in order to save it.

we have hired Chinese monitoring professionals to help us write the legislation...

Makes sense.  If we are to head back to the dark ages, then we don't need internet or any source of information.

Well, if its going to be considered a "Utility", regulated by the FCC, it will also be TAXED.

Who determines what is legal content?

Why am I thinking this is somehow going to end up costing me more for internet service?
I've updated the Obama Checklist with this.  Row 9.

UPDATED 11.10.14 2:45pm:

In case you were the last to wonder which way the Huffington Post leans on the political spectrum:

Maybe the Huffington Post is not the place one should go for any critical analysis.

The Privilege of White

A couple recent posts at WZ touched on the Ferguson kerfluffle.

Apparently, after a thug robbed the convenience store, attacked a police officer and was then put down like a rabid animal, the "community" has decided to attach their outrage to the latest liberal term, White Privilege.

I'm still getting my head around this term.  I'm a bit behind Fred: Black Power.

A Texas high school teacher:

White Privilege from a minority's perspective.  I guess.

The beauty (or ugliness) of the Internet is that it gives us access to communities that we didn't have access to, or chose to ignore.  It is a window.  That tree always existed, but now with the window we can see it.

YouTube, Twitter and the others let us peer into these communities, such as Ferguson's.  We get to see the challenges they face each day.  For example, the citizens of Ferguson have yet to kill a police officer without getting shot in the process.  For someone whose entire life has been clouded with White Privilege, I would have never known of this struggle had it not been for the Internet.

The digital divide has been closed.  It is no longer a white privilege.  I say "SHOW IT ALL," and let ALL comment on what they see.  Let me start the ball rolling:
Above, I see a racist who used Affirmative Action to land a teaching job.

And a cartoonist who blames everybody but himself for his failures.
Your turn...

UDPATED 11.10.14 2:30pm:

I'm stunned.  The teacher above has been identified as English teacher, Vinita Hegwood, and GateWay pundit reports her school district has suspended her.

DallasNews suggests she'll be fired:
The Duncanville Independent School District says it has suspended Duncanville High School English teacher Vinita Hegwood without pay because of Friday’s tweet. District officials also intend to fire her, but can’t without the school board’s OK.
I would have bet a Commie Obama hat that she would not have been held accountable for her actions.  Things are gonna change if we spread a little bit more of this accountability around.

President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have not yet commented on this story.

A hearty Ushanka Tip to Superintendent Alfred L. Ray and the Duncanville school district.

UPDATED 11.11.14 8:30am:

MoonBattery posts a correction to the White Privilege cartoon above.

I want to explore something I hinted at above. 

"White Privilege" is the agreed grievance in the Ferguson shooting of thug Michael Brown.  It took the anarchists, communists, black panthers (new and old) and other random miscreants three months to come to this decision.  The phrase must have done well in the focus groups. 

White Privilege has nothing to do with a fat loser's failed attack on a police officer.  Shouldn't they be protesting fast food, the reason Brown was sluggish and ineffective in his attack?  Or the public school system that reinforced Brown's bad behavior in place of an education?  Or maybe they should protest single-parent families - the source of nearly all people like Michael Brown? 

If only there was a single entity one could protest that encompassed all the failings of America's Fergusons.

Here is what has to happen.  First, destruction that creates terror in tax-paying America.  If there is no terror, there will be no gain.  Second, the demands: more subprime and other redistributive policies, higher EBT payouts, a disarmed police, shorter prison sentences, and less criticism.

Bottom line: Waiting three months to get angry forfeits any credibility.  Spending those three months deciding on a reason to riot, and slogan to riot under, forfeits any credibility.  I think any crime in Feguson, or in Ferguson's name, has terror as its main purpose and should be treated as terrorism.

Please comment.  Eric Holder said we lack the courage to talk about this stuff. 

Chart of the Day

Found at Doug's:

Anyone know the story about Eisenhower's numbers above? 

I'm assuming Vietnam and Watergate are behind Ford's numbers. 

And Reagan's anti-communism diligence obviously riled the Democrats into action.

Is it just a measure of partisanship?

Out of the 13 presidents listed above (and 44 total), nine were president in my lifetime.  I'm not sure what to think of that. 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

25 Years Ago Today: The Berlin Wall

Reagan said "Tear down this wall," and they tore it down.  And he saw that it was good.

The fall of the Berlin Wall, 25 years ago today, was a major milestone in the war against Communism.  The fall of the world's largest labor union, The Soviet Union, two years later was another.

This war against the other half of the bell curve will never end.  As long as one person has a dollar, there is someone else who feels the victim and claims that dollar as their own.  We've lost quite a few battles, but won one just this past week.  The fight continues....

I'd recommend the movie, Goodbye Lenin, if you haven't seen it.  A lighthearted look at an East German family as the wall fell.

Marion Smith is the executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in DC.  He wrote in Friday's WSJ: The Berlin Wall Fell, but Communism Didn’t.  Check it out.
As important as the fall of the Berlin Wall was, it was not the end of what John F. Kennedy called the “long, twilight struggle” against a sinister ideology. By looking at the population statistics of several nations we can estimate that 1.5 billion people still live under communism. Political prisoners continue to be rounded up, gulags still exist, millions are being starved, and untold numbers are being torn from families and friends simply because of their opposition to a totalitarian state.
DailyMail has posted some great photos of the Berlin 25-year celebration: Wall of light: 8,000 glowing balloons recreate the route of the Berlin Wall, 25 years after it fell.

Here are two:

And related, here is my Hillary Campaign commercial from 2008.  Back when I thought she was going to be the nominee.  So long ago....

UPDATED 11.10.14 7am:

Reason 4-min video:

The memorial will be my first stop during my next visit to DC. I hope that it is not just a Soviet and China museum, but instead presents the all-important and ongoing lesson of evil, and the power of envy and resentment.

Another Reason video (2-min) of yesterday's celebration.

UPDATED 11.11.14 5:30pm:

Via CRASHR, The Gasoline Station has some great Berlin Wall gifs.  Here is my favorite:

Friday, November 07, 2014

Ushanka Election Analysis 2014

Here is my fourth election analysis video (3.5 minutes) where I review the MSM headlines leading up to the election:

Link: Ebola Gag Order

My Bookmarks:

Same Words

A FB Comrade shares:


This brings back memories of when I read Karl's Communist Manifesto.  It was in Ushanka's early days of 2007 or 2008.  Hillary was the expected nominee when I read it, and she was on TV all the time.  

As I was reading, I caught myself hearing his words in Hillary's screechy, condescending voice.  Totally on accident, but equally believable.

Try it for yourself:
And here it becomes evident that the bourgeoisie is unfit any longer to be the ruling class in society and to impose its conditions of existence upon society as an over-riding law. It is unfit to rule because it is incompetent to assure an existence to its slave within his slavery, because it cannot help letting him sink into such a state that it has to feed him instead of being fed by him. Society can no longer live under this bourgeoisie; in other words, its existence is no longer compatible with society.

More Flexible

This morning's Drudge:

The next two years are key for any country that has a border dispute and a military that can resolve said dispute.

More Post-Election Thoughts

Our Comrade blogger at Diongenes' Middle Finger suggests yesterday's new of the DNC pulling $1.5m in ads from the Mary Landreiu campaign is not true. 


A long time ago - likely during the Clinton years - I suggested that we leave a few liberals around just to remind us of why we eventually chose the Republicans to run our country.  Most of my friends were calling for the US to be a liberal-free zone.  Not a bad idea, but I couldn't imagine a world where at least one fool could scold me for driving, grilling steaks, raising a child, or cutting down a tree. Maybe I wouldn't be happy if I wasn't pissing someone off.

Of course, it was all joking back then.  But Tuesday's election map reminded of those thoughts. 

Don't just glance at it.  Put your Commie Obama Hat on and stare at it.  With a BIG smile.

ZH posted another map today - the happiest cities.  Having recently taken a road trip through the blue areas in the bottom right, I can confirm this study.  Louisiana has 6 of the top ten happiest cities in the US!  Not good for Mary Landreiu.  Democrats and happiness do not mix.


The WSJ's Kimberley Strassel is a respected conservative voice.  Her column today, The Senate's Talent Infusion, suggests good things will be coming from our Republican-led Senate.  I am encouraged.


Victor Davis Hanson's post-election article, A Democratic Waterloo, was linked by many.  I finally read it, and here is the paragraph that jumped out at me:
Unhappy voters thought the anemic economy, Obamacare, the collapse of U.S. foreign policy, the scandals in government, and the incompetent handling of everything from the Islamic State to Ebola were the only real issues. Democrats’ refusal to acknowledge them did not make these failures go away.

Last, Charles Krauthammer published today in Investor's Business Daily: Next Up For GOP: A National Agenda.  (That was the title in the print edition.)

He offers good advice, mediocre advice, and lousy advice to the Republicans.  He may be closer to the political realities whereas I get to be fully ideological with no consideration for others, but he still could do better.

Good advice: Use the 1994 GOP's Contract for America as a template.  Pass a bill a week to define the Republican values and force the Democrats in Congress to pick a side that they'll have to defend in 2016. 

Perfect.  Leave it at that.

Mediocre advice:  Find legislation that both sides can agree to, like the Keystone Pipeline.  Sounds good in print, but the sausage-making in DC will f**k that up and pull the GOP off the rails with negotiations, consessions, and other distractions.  I say do it, but drop it if the Democrats want to play games.

Lousy advice:  Use "the power of the purse to defund" Obama's open borders?  WTF?  What funds can Congress pull that will stop people from crossing our open borders?  Also, he suggests killing ObamaCare with "a thousand cuts" of targeted legislation that both sides can agree on, such as the employer mandate.  Maybe. But a majority like we have now, combined with a Republican President in 2016, could kill it all with one vote. 


One more thought that's been bugging me.  Why didn't the Democrats, Communists and Anarchists all go full throtle on civil unrest in Ferguson prior to the election?  There is still enough white guilt to steer votes to the Democrats.  And they knew they had a get-out-the-vote challenge with their EBT electorate - something race riots would have helped with. 

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Midterm Election News

Free Beacon released their election roundup video today. 

An interesting development in Louisiana.  Politico:  The DNC is pulling their funding for the Senate runoff election on December 6.

Nearly $1.5 million in ads are being pulled, as the Democrats feel it is wasted money now that the Republicans have secured the Senate.

This surprises me for one reason: after Tuesday's bruising, I would have thoughts the Liberals Progressives Communists would have doubled-down on the Louisiana runoff election in order to produce some good news.  $3m spent on ads, assuming it translated into a win, would have made the Hillary fundraising that much easier in the coming months, and the congressional fundraising easier in 2016.  The only donors who'll vote now for the disaster that is the Democrat Party will be die-hards: white guilt types, abortion guilt types, Bolsheviks, etc.

I see one good reason to pull ads from Mary Landrieu, from the Democrat perspective of course.  If she is abandoned now, Obama would have no reason not to unleash his anti-America executive orders.  I really like the Louisiana rules for a runoff if no candidate reaches 50%.  Election season is not over and, with a close Senate, it adds pressure for moderation from both parties.

I also like the Louisiana rules when you consider one or more spoiler candidates may be in the mix.

UPDATED 6:30pm:

Intellectual Froglegs posted a short victory [dance] video.

And Dr. Tar over at IOTWReport tells us the Teacher Unions are out $80 million on the midterm elections.  Does that mean the MSM outlets are up $80 million?