Thursday, November 13, 2014

Newspeak Word of the Day: Shield

Via Google News:

SHIELD:  Market tested to appeal to those who have attended public school.

The failures of the main stream media:
No mention that each of the 5m is a criminal.
No mention that nearly all will be tax-receivers.
No mention that this is a negotiating ploy by the side that lost the recent election.
No mention of majority public opposition.
No curiosity of how an illegal gets into the 5m.
No curiosity of what happens to those outside the 5m.
No curiosity of the Constitution or the role of Congress.
No curiosity of how quickly these 5m will be allowed to vote.
No acknowledgement that these 5m are intended to vote Democrat.
 They decide on the language.  If it were us, you'd be reading a post on the word "complicit."


Anonymous said...

Aside from creating a euphemism for amnesty, Balkanizing, ordo ab chao etc I find the etymology of the word interesting ...

shield (n)-
Old English scield, scild "shield; protector, defense," literally "board," from Proto-Germanic *skelduz (cognates: Old Norse skjöldr, Old Saxon skild, Middle Dutch scilt, Dutch schild, German Schild, Gothic skildus), from *skel- "divide, split, separate," from PIE root *(s)kel- (1) "to cut" (see scale (n.1)). Perhaps the notion is of a flat piece of wood made by splitting a log. Shield volcano (1911) translates German Schildvulkan (1910). Plate tectonics sense is from 1906, translating Suess (1888).

[Bolded emphasis mine]

Anonymous said...

Memo to the Democratic National Communist party
Ask yourselves what will happen if Obama succeeds in blowing open the border with the promise of Amnesty?

Let’s start with your constituents being thrown out of jobs when they are replaced with cheap illegal invader labor.

But that should be no problem since you have your wonderful socialist safety net …. That will soon be over loaded with millions of new dependents that deplete the free goodies that you use to buy votes…

Now suddenly you will have millions of your dependent voters unable to feed at the trough and getting angrier at the minute because Comrade Obama has over loaded the system.

And then just to make things more ‘interesting’, along with all those flooding over the border you’ll get quite a few criminals that will victimize your constituents.

Then there will be terrorists and all kinds of deadly diseases that will do their part in hobbling the economy and killing off a good portion of the population.

Yes, you’ll have a first class disaster on you hands, all courtesy of Obama’s wonderful pen and phone, it’ll be all yours Democrats.

ObamaAmnesty will do for you what Obamacare has done – only many times worse,because you won’t be able to palm it off on some mythical problems that needed to be solved RIGHT NOW!
(If that had been the case he would do something about the ‘problem’ by now)

There is only one reason Obama and you aren’t in the dumper – the Obamascam of pretending to be unconnected with his own acts, backed up by a gullible or toadying press that propagates the scam.

BUT, this time it’ll be WAY different, this time it’ll be all on you and Obama.

Think about that for second before you agree with the DNC’s ObamaAmnesty suicide pact.