Monday, November 10, 2014

The Privilege of White

A couple recent posts at WZ touched on the Ferguson kerfluffle.

Apparently, after a thug robbed the convenience store, attacked a police officer and was then put down like a rabid animal, the "community" has decided to attach their outrage to the latest liberal term, White Privilege.

I'm still getting my head around this term.  I'm a bit behind Fred: Black Power.

A Texas high school teacher:

White Privilege from a minority's perspective.  I guess.

The beauty (or ugliness) of the Internet is that it gives us access to communities that we didn't have access to, or chose to ignore.  It is a window.  That tree always existed, but now with the window we can see it.

YouTube, Twitter and the others let us peer into these communities, such as Ferguson's.  We get to see the challenges they face each day.  For example, the citizens of Ferguson have yet to kill a police officer without getting shot in the process.  For someone whose entire life has been clouded with White Privilege, I would have never known of this struggle had it not been for the Internet.

The digital divide has been closed.  It is no longer a white privilege.  I say "SHOW IT ALL," and let ALL comment on what they see.  Let me start the ball rolling:
Above, I see a racist who used Affirmative Action to land a teaching job.

And a cartoonist who blames everybody but himself for his failures.
Your turn...

UDPATED 11.10.14 2:30pm:

I'm stunned.  The teacher above has been identified as English teacher, Vinita Hegwood, and GateWay pundit reports her school district has suspended her.

DallasNews suggests she'll be fired:
The Duncanville Independent School District says it has suspended Duncanville High School English teacher Vinita Hegwood without pay because of Friday’s tweet. District officials also intend to fire her, but can’t without the school board’s OK.
I would have bet a Commie Obama hat that she would not have been held accountable for her actions.  Things are gonna change if we spread a little bit more of this accountability around.

President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have not yet commented on this story.

A hearty Ushanka Tip to Superintendent Alfred L. Ray and the Duncanville school district.

UPDATED 11.11.14 8:30am:

MoonBattery posts a correction to the White Privilege cartoon above.

I want to explore something I hinted at above. 

"White Privilege" is the agreed grievance in the Ferguson shooting of thug Michael Brown.  It took the anarchists, communists, black panthers (new and old) and other random miscreants three months to come to this decision.  The phrase must have done well in the focus groups. 

White Privilege has nothing to do with a fat loser's failed attack on a police officer.  Shouldn't they be protesting fast food, the reason Brown was sluggish and ineffective in his attack?  Or the public school system that reinforced Brown's bad behavior in place of an education?  Or maybe they should protest single-parent families - the source of nearly all people like Michael Brown? 

If only there was a single entity one could protest that encompassed all the failings of America's Fergusons.

Here is what has to happen.  First, destruction that creates terror in tax-paying America.  If there is no terror, there will be no gain.  Second, the demands: more subprime and other redistributive policies, higher EBT payouts, a disarmed police, shorter prison sentences, and less criticism.

Bottom line: Waiting three months to get angry forfeits any credibility.  Spending those three months deciding on a reason to riot, and slogan to riot under, forfeits any credibility.  I think any crime in Feguson, or in Ferguson's name, has terror as its main purpose and should be treated as terrorism.

Please comment.  Eric Holder said we lack the courage to talk about this stuff. 


Robert What? said...

I deny I have any unearned "white privilege". But if I do I'm keeping it.

WiseCaveOwl said...

V. Hegwood has exercised her 1st Amendment right to free speech. I hope she keeps her "job", and keeps on indoctrinating her Black "students" to hate on YT. And please, Black "citizens" of Ferguson, do not disappoint us Crackers the way U did after the Zimmerman verdict: hit the streets and do your stuff