Monday, November 03, 2014

Elections Tomorrow

Wednesday for Democrat voters.

Our comrade over at Western Rifle shares this extremely long 3-minute video of Obama's young voters. The registered ones.  No interview yet with the Somalis traveling state to state in buses and taking advantage of the no-ID early voting.

My prediction - #1:  The MSM will declare victory for the Democrats regardless of their losses.  The script is already written and they just need a Democrat name or two to fill in the blanks.

My prediction - #2: Our dear leader will double-down on his agenda (see his to-do list) after the expected Democrat losses, including the possible loss of Democrat control of the Senate.  He will not do as W did in 2006 when faced with large Republican losses in the midterm.  W saw the losses as the peoples' message that they were unhappy with his policies (the war on terror, primarily) and he responded by removing Donald Rumsfeld from Secretary of Defense.  W had class, a larger understanding of his role and loved his country.  O: none of the above.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely going in my weekly email-er i send out because i ain't gots no grammar skills and can't start my own blog. But, i sure do spread yours any many others out into the world of busy people who would never find this material on their own. Keep up the good work.

On a side note, i had to wash my "obama" hat. Was afraid it would get all jacked up. But it came out good. Just not sure which placard i should be sporting? I sure got some funny looks last time i wore it to vote :)